Pathe Journal 1940 № 24038

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SShA.Dressirovschik tigers


Drawing circulation war loan in Chinon



Cars made in Indochina


Train Mountain in the mountains of the French and British troops

United Kingdom.

English large air patrolling, guarding the shores of the UK


French pilots and British preparations for producing aerosemkam.

On his return from a mission pilots unloaded cassette with pictures


An alarm results in the separation of air defense equipment to combat readiness.

Zvukouloviteli coordinate firing anti-aircraft artillery at the planes.

Padded German plane.

The remains of the crew was taken prisoner

SShA.Sborka heavy bomber aircraft factory on



Canadian troops from Quebec otezzhayuschie


Admiral Darlan, to meet the President of France, who had come on a warship.

Awarding the personnel of the ship


Higher Military Council of the Polish command staff, with the participation of Paderewski and Polish President Rachkevich


Fire in Helsinki, caused by the bombardment of the Soviet Air Force.

Soviet prisoners of war in the Finnish camp.

Broken Soviet equipment.

Deer running across to the North


Romanian King in Chisinau.

Diagrams showing the need for oil in Germany.

She needs 15 million tons.

It produces 3 million: 5.6 tons + Romania ml.tonn.

She lacks ml.tonn 7.

Tanks and pouring of petrol benzotsisterny

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