Tragedy Of Greece. (1967)

Documentary №6503, 2 parts, duration: 0:20:14, black-white
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:Shorokhov V.
Screenwriters:Gorokhov V., Anteos P.
Anouncers:Zadachin A.


About the fascist upheaval in Greece.

Temporary description:

Fascist conspiracy in Greece: passing tanks, armored cars and soldiers firing a machine gun. Airplane over Athens. The prisoners in the camp. "The Island of Torture." M. Glezos favor. Funeral Lambrakisa. The people on the streets. By heads of government come to power, the center of the Union "by G. Papandreou. M. Glezos, M. Theodorakis among the people. Removal Papandreou. The new prime country - Novas. Fight in the streets, clashes with police. The funeral of the deceased student. Election of the fourth prime minister. The leader of the far-right party ERE Kanelopulos dissolve parliament. Pentagon. Card file. Printing fabrications. The machine prints the installation data for future dictators: G. Papadopoulos, S. Pattakos, N. Makarezos. Entering troops in Athens. The tanks in the center of the city, near the Parliament. The introduction of martial law. Arrests. Concentration camp in the Athens stadium. Presser Papadopoulos. The opening of the Athens branch of the American company Litton. The junta has a round-table with the king. A. Papandreou, in his prison cell. Greek writer K. Kodzias. Spoke at the Congress of Soviet Writers. Speech by the Greek Actress Maria Mercouri (synchronously). Shot from the movie "Elektra" with the actress J. Pope, deprived of citizenship. Greek theater. A scene from the play. Destruction of records with songs of Theodorakis. The call signs of a clandestine radio station of the Communist Party of Greece "Voice of Truth". Rotator print flyers, leaflets. One of the squares of Athens. Loudspeaker broadcasts music of Theodorakis. Demonstrations of solidarity with the patriots of Greece in various cities of the world.

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