Hockey. Vienne - 67.. (1967)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Rybakova A.


The film tells about the world champions -Soviet hockey players, who got the fifth victory at the world hockey Championship.

Temporary description

The film tells about the world champion - the Soviet hockey player, who won the fifth victory in the World Cup Ice Hockey. Austria. Bus with hockey players from the Soviet Union passes through the streets of Vienna. Arena Stadthalle. Output commands the USSR and Finland on the ice. Sharing icons. Moments of the game. Photojournalists. N. Ozerov and J. Sparro in the commentary booth. Result 8: 2. Ice hockey players at the workout. The game between the USSR and the USA. Moments of the game. Games: Sweden, East Germany, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Canada, USA, USA, Czechoslovakia, Czechoslovakia, Sweden. Ice hockey players at the hotel. A. Firsov, and VA Aleksandrov give autographs. Game of the USSR-Sweden. The result on the scoreboard 1: 9. Hotel Intercontinental. Said R. Bourbonnais (Canada) and B. Maiorov (USSR). Moments of the game teams Czechoslovakia and Canada. The streets of Vienna. Cathedral. Palace. The cab on the streets. Public entrance to the Stadthalle, share icons buy souvenirs. On Luda teams players of the USSR and Canada. Canadian hockey players congratulate the USSR. Austrian President Jonas talking with B. Maiorov and A. Ragulin. Soviet ice hockey players passing through the streets of an evening in Vienna, sing.

Reel №1

Soviet hockey players: Boris Mayorov, V. Kuzkin, Starshinov V., V. Vikulov, A. Ragulin etc., coach of the Soviet national team A. Chernyshev a bus ride through the streets of Vienna, "Stadt Halle" to open the World Championship - CU., MS.

The bus passes through the streets of Vienna.

Arena Sports Hall "Stadt Halle» - MS.

On the ice in the "Stadt Halle" team players out of the USSR and Finland - MS.

Spectators in the stands waiting for the match - CU.

The seller of souvenirs in the hall - CU.

The first moments of the game Soviet and Finnish hockey players (right gate Finns, they form in the dark.)

Almetov play, Yakushev.

Almetov scores a goal against the Finns.

Soviet hockey players congratulate A. Almetova.

The camera is in the room during the game - CU.

Photographers in the hall - CU.

Playing at the gates of Finns, protects the gate keeper Lahtinen.

N. Ozerov and J. Sparre in the commentary booth - CU. (The game ended in favor of the USSR with the score 8:2).

Soviet hockey players in training in between matches - CU., MS.

Match between teams of the Soviet Union and the U.S. in the "Stadt Halle» - LS., MS ..


Goal against the United States, scored Almetovym A. Alexandrov with the filing.

The audience chanted "Well done!» - CU., MS.

Playing on the Soviet side of the field - LS.; Playing Konovalenko V., A. Ragulin etc.

Spare and players - CU. (The match ended 7-2 in favor of the USSR).

The hands of the journalist are typing - CU.

Journalists write reports about the championship players - LS.

Of the game of hockey players in Sweden and East Germany - MS.

Of the game of hockey players of Czechoslovakia and Germany - MS.

Moments of the game teams of the USSR and the United States - MS.

The journalist is typing - CU. PNRM.

Animation: various foreign newspapers were covering the Ice Hockey World Championships in Vienna.

During the game players of the USSR and Canada.

Hockey players of Czechoslovakia and Finland after the meeting - MS.

During the game players and the USSR.

Czech goalkeeper in goal - CU.

Czechoslovakia during the game and Swedish teams.

American Charles Wetzel, a recognized foreign journalists as the best goalkeeper of the world - CU.

Czechoslovak hockey player Joseph Golonka, received high praise from print - CU.

Soviet hockey player Anatoly Firsov, admitted to reporters player number 1.

Hockey players marked the international press as the best players: Czechoslovak striker Vaclav Nedomansky, Soviet player Vyacheslav Starshinov, Canadian hockey captain Roger Bourbonnais, Swedish hockey player Roland Stoltz, Soviet hockey player Vitaly Davydov, a Canadian, Carl Brewer - professional hockey player - CU.

Canadians Charles Brewer, Seth Martin, coach Jen McLeod, Czech Golonka, Czechoslovak national team coach Jaroslav Pitner and others in the lobby of the hotel "Intercontinental" at rest between sessions.

Soviet coach AI Chernyshev among players at the hotel.

A. Firsov Alexandrov give autographs hockey fans.

Soviet hockey players wearing hockey suits out of the hotel and board the bus and go to the "Stadt Halle".

Moments of the game players of the USSR and Sweden - are different.

Reel №2

An ice arena, "Stadt Halle" continues to play hockey USSR and Sweden - LS., MS.

Almetova triple plays.

Canadian Judge Wang Dillenr is playing.

Swedish Bengtsson sent off.

Yakushev and Almetov play, scoring a goal against the Swedes.

The sharp points of the game on the ice - MS., LS.

Youth goes to the ice three: Vikulov, Polupanov, Firsov.

The game is.

Polupanov throws the puck Swedes.

The audience applauded - PNRM., CU.

Firsov, scores a goal against the enemy.

Display with indicator result of a meeting of 9:1 in favor of the Soviet Union.

Soviet hockey players returned to the hotel.

Hotel "Intercontinental» - LS., Building of towers - MS.

Journalists in the hotel talking with players.

The captain of Team Canada Roger Bourbonnais said the possible outcome of the championship, a good quality of the Soviet players (simultaneously).

Captain of the USSR Boris Mayorov said about the complexity of the game with the Canadian team and its individual players (simultaneously).

An ice arena, "Stadt Halle" is a game of Czech and Canadian hockey players.

Viewers with posters.

Tourists from Prague, Brno, Czechoslovakia, and other cities "get sick" for their team.

Alexandrov Soviet hockey player shoots a movie camera.

Highlights from the second half of the game the Czechs and Canadians (the Czechs in dark uniforms) - LS., MS., CU.

Critical moments of the final period.

Freeze Frame: nezaschitanny goal Canadians - LS.

Judge Dalbort (Sweden) explains the reason for the captain Canadians Bourbonnais nezaschitanny goals.

Czechoslovak goalkeeper Homchek protects save.

Irzhik scored a goal against the Canadians.

Violent reaction of fans from Czechoslovakia - LS.

Spring streets of Vienna - LS. PNRM., MS.

Old buildings: the cathedral, the palace, etc.

Cab driver on the street.

Square - MS.

One of the squares of the city - LS.

The audience is in the "Stadt Halle» - LS., MS.

Fans share their badges, buy souvenirs - LS., MS.

The audience with the Canadian flag - MS.

Stand with the results of the course the World Championship.

The ice hockey team leaves the USSR - LS. PNRM., MS.

The ice comes Team Canada - MS.

Go match referee USSR - Canada - Daily American and Swedish Vikang.

Shoot photographers and cameramen.

Removes Soviet chess T. Petrosian.

Cameraman shoots - MS.; Lens camera - CU.

Reel №3

People's Artist of the USSR Igor Ilyinsky artists N. Rybnikov, Tikhonov in the hall "Stadt Halle" talk with Soviet hockey players.

The game is teams of the USSR and Canada - LS. (Soviet players in dark uniforms).

Coaches Chernyshev and Tarasov worry - CU.

The change in the top three triples Almetova Starshinova.

Yaroslavl is removed from the field.

Play four against five Soviet Canadians.

Puck USSR.

Cameraman shoots.

PNRM. on the TV screen - CU.

Soviet hockey players to rest between periods of the game (dark, brooding person).

Boris Mayorov, Davydov, foremen, Ragulin, Alexandrov during a break in the break room - CU.

Moments of the game in period II meeting of the USSR - Canada.

Play Brewer (Canada), Yakushev (USSR) - MS., LS.

Responsive audience in the hall - MS., LS.

Advancing Soviet hockey players.

Firsov, scores a goal against Canada.

Puck Canada.

Fan grabs his head - CU.

Canadian goalie Martin defends his own net, misses the puck.

Father Bauer - Canadian coach - worried - CU.

Tarasov nervous - CU.

Moments of the game at the gate of Canada - MS.

Responsive audience.

Playing at the gates of the USSR.

Almetova triple plays, the gate is Alexandrov, Canadian goalkeeper beats puck.

Come Mayorov and elders.

Animation: Starshinov scores.

Reacts violently audience - LS.

Soviet hockey players congratulate Starshinova and their goalkeeper, all Soviet players congratulate each other with a victory.

Alexandrov shows the puck, played by - CU.

Team Canada after defeat - PNRM., MS.

In the hall, "Stadt Halle" raised the national flag of the Soviet Union.

Soviet hockey team - a five-time world champion - MS. PNRM.

Canadians congratulate the victory of Soviet hockey players - LS., Hitting.

Animation: newspapers in different languages ​​with the materials of the World Hockey Championship.

Boris Mayorov in the "Stadt Halle" with world cup - LS., MS.

The USSR in the room at the time of her congratulations to the high title of world champions.

Boris Mayorov, A. Ragulin invited Austrian President Dr.

Jonas to the box, initialed on the stick for his grandchildren


Jonas in bed talking with Soviet hockey players.

Soviet hockey players Boris Mayorov, Ragulin, Davydov, Konovalenko Firsov, Almetov, elders and others pass the bus on the evening streets of Vienna, singing (recorded the song "Katyusha») - CU., MS.

Evening streets of Vienna, the ads on buildings - LS. (With motion).