Eternal forest. (1936)

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Director: Shpringer Gans. Zoevskij-Yamrovskij fon Roljf. Springer Hanns

Operators: Allgajer Zepp. Bone Verner. Evaljd Otto

Reel №1

Types of woods, creek runs.

Individual trees, foliage.

PNRM. in the woods, on the hills.

Autumn forest, the leaves fall.

Wind rustles the grass in the field.

The slender trunks of the pine trees.

Winter, snow, trees in the snow drifts.

Behind the scenes it sounds pathetic music, accompanied by the choir

Key words

Germany, forest, nature

Reel №2

Snow-covered trees, fir.

From the mountains down an avalanche.

Spring, running stream, flowers bloom.

Forest expanses, birch glade in colors.

Fog, lone tree.

Night landscape.

Staged pictures the history of Germany starts with the presentation of the Germanic tribes.

People uprooted trees burned.

Build a house.

The village is enclosed by a fence in the yard women and children.

The fence give birth to goats, cows.

Clay oven in the yard.

Woman spinning.

Girl pulls water from the well.

Forest, funeral rites in the village, the body close to the deck.

Girls with wreaths dance in a circle near the tree

Key words

Germany, forest, ritual, nature

Reel №3

The era of the "Holy Roman Empire".

The silhouette of an eagle.


Knights on horses,shields, spears.

The battle in the forest, lightning.

The Germans bury their fallen soldiers with honour on the funeral pyre.

The river, sailing boat with sails

Key words

Germany, history, forest, funeral

Reel №4

The Era Of The Reformation.

A cross on the landscape.


Monks and nuns in the monastery is prayer.

Flowering trees outside the window locked up in the cell.


Goes the army of the crusaders.

The fortress, sitting at the window the girl down she sings the Troubadour

Key words

Germany, forest, monastery, history, fortress

Reel №5

Forest, Creek.

The guy with the water goes to the house.

Forge, press, powered by water pressure.

The blacksmith makes the tools.

In the forest, the loggers felled trees, clear logs, gather, carry on horseback.

Rafts on the river, the raftsmen.

Crossing the dam.

Rafts going along the shore past the houses.

Town, beautiful houses with tiled roofs and drawings.

Workshop, where do the carts.

The wood Carver finishes the sculpture of the Holy.

The wooden altar of the Church.

A comparison of the silhouettes of the Gothic Cathedral and tree trunks.

The stained glass Windows.

In the woods are deer, hunting

Key words

Germany, timber, crafts, river, sculpture, cathedral, church

Reel №6

Loggers in the forest falling trees.

Knight in armor.

Village men at the table, they fit a warrior.

Priests receive a letter, to discuss.

The peasants rise to war, their weapons - scythes, spears and clubs.

The detachment comes over the city, residents stand in his defense.

A monk rings a bell, the city has a gun.

Break up the city gates, the people running, there is a fight.

The fire in the city.

Dying defender

Key words

Germany, the peasants, the history, the fire, the monks

Reel №7

Deserted, burned the city, the old man comes to the old woman, they wander away.

Farmers on the field work, planting a new forest, shoots appear.

An Austrian officer in a cocked hat displeased.

Story trees reminded him of a formation of soldiers.

Another parallel: cut down tree - lowered barrier.

Residents cross the border, hold cattle carriage rides.

A couple in love in the forest.

Tapestry with the landscape and villagers.

They're taking a huge log.

The emergence of capitalist tendencies.


There is a steam train.

Picnic in the forest.

People walk, ride the carousel, play cards, eat at the big table

Key words

Germany, forest, farmers, forest industry

Reel №8

The field, the farmer mows the wheat.

Stormy sky, the events of the 1st world war.

Explosions, falling trees.

Military action in the woods.

The soldiers dug in near the Christmas tree decorated with candles.

The crosses on the graves.

Cut down timber.

Falling trees, soldiers sawing.

Logs, stacks.

Dead forest.

The old man's face, the boy's face.

Spring, the earth is reborn, trees are in bloom.

Nazi banners with the swastika.

Column with banners.

A symbol of Nazi Germany, eagle with swastika.

Re-plowing the land.

The woods under the blows of an axe falling a tree.

The face of the young.

National folk dance, a wreath, worn on the tree, young people, children around dance in a circle.

A wreath with ribbons - a symbol of rebirth, the Nazis use it in their symoblic.

Nazi banners, the ranks of Nazis

Key words

Germany, the Nazis, the forest, the world war 1, dance, youth, gos.simvolika