To the top of the world (1924)

Documentary №65361, 9 parts, black-white
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Director:Sjemki sdelani kapitanom Noelem.Obrabotka dlya Germanii-Gans Brodnitc

Reel №1


A General view of Everest.

Peak /average and a closeup of a different ruckus/



The building of the Royal expeditionary society.

Types of London streets.

The harbour.

The ship with the expedition goes on a journey.

The path of the expedition on the map


In India.

The local population.

View of the pond in the woods.

Main street in Delhi.

The snake charmers.

Street on the outskirts of the city.

The Palace of the Viceroy of India in Delhi.

Travel of the car with the crew through the streets of the city.

The way to the mountains.

Camp at the foot of the mountain


Pilgrims on the way to Tibet.

Ferry cars across the river.

The first difficulty in the way because of impassable roads.

Replace the cars with elephants


Camp of caravans on the border of India and Tibet.

Through the pass Celep deep into Tibet.

In a mountainous, forested area.

Along the banks of a mountain river.

The expedition of pleasure.

Deeper into the mountains.

Journey through snow-covered valleys.

Herds of mountain yaks


At the highest point of the plateau of Tibet /is equal to the height of Mont Blanc/.

Diagram of relative heights:broken-Mont-Blanc-Everest-8840 m/


The camp in the mountains.

The path through the rocky desert.

The crossing of mountain streams.

The Fauna Of Tibet.

Observation binoculars for waterfowl on the Creek.

View of the snowy peaks in the distance.

Mountain lake


Fari-ZON is a city in the mountains of Tibet.

Shooting of Tibetans camera.

Types of local residents.

The old man is a musician.

Physical culture among the Tibetans:anointing of the child's body fat and sunbathing.

The manners and customs of the local population.

Primitive agriculture,processing zemlm/barley/ plow oxen.

Classes of men-the production molitvennik fans and flags.

Jewelry for women


Lama-the aristocracy of Tibet /Lama-close-up/.

Monasteries abode of the lamas.

Monastry on the island,fortified and guarded custody


Samples of the local aristocracy.

Built in the mountains.

Single prayer,carved in the rock


RONGBUK is the largest and the last monastery on the way to Everest.

Lama predicting the expedition of misfortune in the way, prayer.

Celebration, religious ritual dance.

Samples of different masks


In assault the camp by U. the Path to the North-Eastern tip of mount Everest,barred from the expedition of the ice wall.

Lifting it with a rope and a specially carved in the snow stages


Camp-warehouse U1 /at an altitude of 7000 m/.

The Braves left the camp and hit the road.

In the eternal snows.

Snow storm in the mountains.

Return to the camp.

Telephoto four members of the expedition,the storm is cut off from the camp.

Sheki with special lenses


NORTON AND SOMERVILLE on the way to the top of mount Everest after the storm./shooting using a special lens/.

Shortage of air in the mountains.

Return to lagen


MALLORY AND IRVINE hitting the road with an oxygen apparatus.

Up ice wall on the rope.

In the area of low pressure and the difference in day and night temperatures.

The latest pictures,depicting the Mallory and Irvine on the way to the top of Everest

In the latter camp, ODELL,tracking the movements of Mallory and Irvine.


Complete disappearance of Mallory and Irvine.

Way back Odell and his men to the camp.

A signal in the snow-cross of iron handkerchiefs-signifying the death of Mallory and Irvine.

Laying in the mountains of the monument to fallen climbers trying to summit Everest with the expedition in 1920,1921,1924.

Portraits of Mallory and Irvine /closeup/.

View Of Everest

Key words

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