700 years of Berlin. (1937)

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Director: Fric Gripe

Operators: Fric Gripe

Reel №1


The preparation of Stralau.

Working on the training.

General view of the site.

Masons at work.

The piling.

Loading of the soil.

Laying of the soil.

Tamping pad roller.

Seeding lawns.

General view of the finished pad.

Vans builders


The eve of the celebration.

The people's March in Hamburg on 13 June 1937 on the occasion of the session of the Union "Strength through joy".

Street decorated with Nazi flags.

Poster "700 years of Berlin".

The procession of maskers.

Wagons with allegorical figures.

Wagon porcelain manufactory Berlin.

The procession of people with flags of different countries.

The audience greeted the procession of Nazi salutes.

Wagons with allegorical figures and compositions.

The Coat Of Arms Of Berlin.



Key words

Germany, construction, working, improvement, celebration Germany, anniversary, festivals, Nazis, State.the symbolism, the Nazis, the population

Reel №2


The streets of Berlin,decorated with flags.

The opening of the show to the 700 anniversary of Berlin at the exhibition about the Tower.

She stands in front of the audience.

View of the tower.

A group of officers.

A procession of people dressed in medieval costudy.


The dancing on the floor.

Ladies in crinolines.

Ladies with the Cavaliers.

The dancers dressed as bears.


Singer Kankan.

A group dance.

Doves in the sky.

A group of officers.

Shooting competition with the crossbow


The opening of the festivities on the occasion of the 700th anniversary of the Lord mayor of Berlin, Dr.

August 15, 1937 To the reception guests.

Out of the car senior officers.

Group your Nazis.

Oberburgermeister with guests.

The Arrival Of Goebbels.

Goebbels greets officers



Goebbels takes a solemn procession.

Allegorical carts.

Horsemen in the costumes of medieval knights.

The procession in costumes of different eras.

The wagon with guns and cores.

Soldiers and officers of the epoch of Friedrich the Great and Friedrich Wilhelm 1 /1737/.

The wagon with the "pridvinye".

A procession of people in costumes of the era of "Biedermeier" /end of 1/.


Models of Berlin buildings.


The layout of the boat.

Orchestra of stormtroopers.

The allegorical carts,different organizations of Berlin.

A procession of workers of Berlin.

A procession of stormtroopers.


Key words

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Reel №3


Session in honor of the 700 anniversary of Berlin.

Meeting hall of the Berlin town hall.

Acts Goebbels.


Lippert presents Goebbels coat of arms of Berlin.

Goebbels delivers a speech.

The auditorium applauds.

The audience stretched hands in a Nazi salute.

Lighted fountain in the hall

Key words

Germany, anniversary, festivals, State.figures, personalities, Goebbels, award, awards, State.the symbolism, the population, the Nazis

Reel №4


Procession of the Hitler Youth and the SS.

Riders with the standards of the different cities.

Allegorical wagons.

Procession of the peasants.

Allegorical wagons dedicated to the topic of agricultural, fishing.

People dressed as ancient warriors and medieval knights


Procession artisans chimney.

Allegorical cart: roof with chimney sweeps.

The wagon so-called "winter help".

Machine with Nazi officers


Lord Mayor Lippert opens the procession at the site in Shtralau.

Tribune with Nazi symbols.

Passing riders.


Soldiers of the time of Frederick the Great.

The cavalry of the same period.

Various allegorical carts


Sports festival in Berlin schools.

The mass gymnastic exercises.

The same at the stadium


Competitions on the run-ahead among women.

Procession athletes with Nazi flags.

Boys 12-14 years.

Gimnatsicheskie exercises men.

Fragments of a football match

Key words

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Reel №5


Allegorical carts with soldiers time.

The figure of "evil Martin"-enemy Berlin.

Figure Marina in a bag hung to the mast.

Soldiers in the layout of an ancient fortress.

Played the historic stage:the battle of the defenders of Berlin against the aggressors. "Brainzy" win.

The symbolic sword and the key of Berlin.

The triumphal procession of the" winners"


The author of the popular tunes "Berlin air" P. Luetke.


The opening of the carnival of flowers.

Allegorical carts,decorated with flowers

Key words

Germany, soldiers, fortifications, celebrations, anniversary, entertainment Germany, anniversary, celebration, plants, personalities

Reel №6


Passing wagons with allegorical figures and designs of flowers.

Girls throw flowers to the rostrum.

Vintage sulky,ruler,fire engine,decorated with flowers.

The bus,decorated with flowers.

On the platform surrounded by flowers,dancing girls.

Models of buildings,cigarettes,a huge Shoe-all decorated with flowers.




Gymnastic exercises of the students.

Participants posing for the camera.

Sports festival school district of köpenick.


The students jump over a horse,through the group of students.

Different sports games.

Jumping over a special table.

Acrobatic pyramid

Key words

Germany, anniversary, plants, festivals, women, transport Germany, festivals, sports, police, students

Reel №7


Competition riders of Zehlendorf.

The solemn procession.

The audience.

Rider in knight costume.


Riders in costumes.

Horsemen in the uniforms of Frederick the Great.


Ladies in vintage outfits.

The audience."Officers" and "ladies" of the previous era talk.

Soldiers on a halt.

Officer of the army of Frederick the Great in the car.

Night torch,past the horsemen


Berlin Cathedral.

In front of him-"representatives of the German tribes."

A solemn procession of representatives of various lands and regions of Germany,as well as areas abroad where Germans live.

The procession in the rain.

The area filled with people.

Bugler on the steps of the Cathedral.

Participants of procession with baskets of flowers,diplomas,gifts.

The Representatives Of Vestfalii.

The Representatives Of Rhineland-Palatinate.

Folk dances on a makeshift stage.

Illuminated Berlin Cathedral.

The reflection of lights in the river

Key words

Germany, celebrations, soldiers, military leaders, entertainment Germany, festival, anniversary, Cathedral, music, entertainment, river

Reel №8


Feyeverk on Königsplatz evening.

Various pieces of firecrackers and rockets.

Night Festival at the Olympic Stadium.

Procession participants.


The figures in white.

Flag Raising.

Horsemen in white. "People's Games".

Medieval "tournament".

Riders with flags. "The soldiers," Frederick the Great marched through the stadium.

Traditional games and dances.

The flag in the sky.

Torchlight procession.

Various acrobatic and allegorical figures involving many extras.

Nazi swastika under the German eagle

Key words

Germany, festival, anniversary, fireworks, stadium, State.symbolism, entertainment, the Nazis