Journey to Sakhalin. (1931)

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Reel №1

The icebreaker in the ice.

Cracks in the ice field.

Icebreaker is paving the way in the ice.

Map of South Sakhalin.

A ship in the harbor.

Railroad bridge.


Catching crabs.

City / seem to Toyohara, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk today /.

Cow in the snow.


The horse carries luggage.


Stacks of wood.

Transporting wood.

In a train, a heated stove.

The train in the snow.

The train approaches the platform.

Seller of sweets.

A small station.

Town on the border of South and North Sakhalin.

The local cemetery.

Snow-covered field.

The wagon among the snow.

Street of the village.

Separate buildings.


Children run out of the school.

A group of local residents.


Harnesses with dogs.


Skiers on homemade skis.

Dogs and sleds.


Competitions dogsleds.



The Japanese have a festively decorated horses.

Japanese and Japanese women in traditional costumes.

The procession on horseback passes by the public


A military band.


Soldiers listen to the orchestra.

Girls and women outside the house


A small blast furnace.

metal smelting.

The metal is poured from a ladle.


Weaving Factory.

Machine tools.

Workers at their machines


National Japanese sumo wrestling.

Wrestle children.

Adults wrestlers watching them. "The contest" adult fighter with a child.

Wrestler "competes" with a group of children


Processing field.

Farmers at work.

Planting rice.

Field work

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Reel №2


Reindeer on the background of the houses.

Huts of local residents.

Transportation of hay.

The fish caught by fishermen.

Ropes on the beach.

A group of local residents.

The Yurt of a local resident.

Morning toilet/wash/.

The mountainous landscape.

The bridge over the frozen river.

The road to the tundra.

Fire in the tundra.

The envelope is postmarked "Toyohara".

Map Of South Sakhalin.

Sled pulled by dogs.


The gendarmes in the carriage.

Forest road.

Wooden obelisk.

A group of people in the honor guard near the obelisk.

NOTE:This film pazmontirovanie as 3 and 4 parts to movie "the northeast news", N 5520/1/


Exercises of the soldiers of the Japanese army in the snow.


The soldiers are moving across the Creek.

Bathing under a waterfall


Religious celebration.

The March of the people to the temple.

A group of women.

Ritual jewelry.

A solemn prayer



Competition skating for men and women.

A group of children.

Competitions for children.

Children with wooden swords


Winter landscape.

The peasants in cloaks and specially adapted to the Shoe.

Winter street


Building a snow city.

Winter landscapes.

Farmers unload fertilizers on the fields.

Field with heaps of fertilizers.

Snow-covered village.

Kids in the Creek.

Playing children.

Raschiske of snow from roads.

Work to remove snow from certain locations on the fields /rice cells/


Woman repairing fishing nets.

Fishing boat on the lake.

Women at the oars.

Women take the net.

Note: this film pazmontirovanie another movie - "Puteshestvie Sakhalin",see

5520 N /N/

Key words

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