For Yours and Our Freedom. (1968)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
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Director: Makhnach L.

Script writers: Makhnach L.

Composers: Geviksman V.

Anouncers: Khmara L.


The film is about the joint struggle of Soviet and Polish people against the Hitler-time German fascist aggression during the World War II (or the Second World War).

Temporary description

The film is about a common struggle waged by the Soviet and Polish soldiers in the Great Patriotic War. Fighting for Wroclaw-Breslau. Discounted home. Explosions in the streets. The soldiers ran down the street, are wounded. City Sandomierz. Tomb of the Hero of the Soviet Union Vladimir Skopenko, who fell in battles for the city of Wroclaw. The city of Wroclaw. Street named after V. Skopenko. Sandomierz in the days of liberation. Soviet soldier passes Banner Pole. Mass grave on the battlefield under Lenin. The Polish delegation at the mass grave. Meeting. September 1, 1939. Germany's attack on Poland. They stand arrested Poles. Prisoners behind barbed wire on the gallows. Detachment of Major Hubelya (photo). Germany. Berlin. Morning June 22, 1941. Goebbels' speech in front of a microphone. Travel train with soldiers and equipment through Poland to the Soviet front. Members of the Polish underground blow up trains, railways. German soldiers were searching people at home. Record volunteers in the Polish army. Formation of the First Division of the revived Polish army. Tents in the woods. Polish soldiers take an oath. December 1941 arrival in the USSR premier of the Polish emigre government in London Sikorski for talks on how the Commonwealth in the war against Germany. Sikorski and Anders at the reception at the MI Kalinin, in camps under Buzulukov, where a Polish military unit, acts (synchronously in Polish). Polish unit in the Middle East. Submitting to the front of the first Polish division named after Kosciuszko. The first issue of film magazine "Fighting Poland". First battle division named Kosciuszko in the Smolensk area (s Lenin). Partisan connection Kovpaka. Photos of the Polish partisans. Craiova Narodowa Rada delegation headed by M. Spihalskim from Polish soldiers. Moscow military. Record volunteers for the front. Remembers Lebedev, part of a reconnaissance airborne dropped behind enemy lines under Mlawa (synchronously). Former Polish patriot Gronevich recalls the destruction of the German test site (synchronously in Polish). July 1944 ferry troops across the Bug. Population meets liberators. The battle for the city of Lublin. Partisan detachment G. Korchynska part of the city. Meeting at the town square. Stands V. Gomulka. The section of land in Poland. The crossing of the Vistula. The battle for the outskirts of Warsaw - Prague. Types of Warsaw before the war, during the war. Jewish ghetto. Album SS General Stroppa. August 1, 1944 armed uprising in occupied Warsaw. Removes operator Roman Banach. Rebels, including children, on the barricades. The capitulation of the rebels. The formation of new regiments and divisions in Poland. Work in the rear. Moscow. Passage German prisoners on the streets of the city. Mine clearing the streets of Warsaw. The population in the clearance of the city. Waiting for flour. City of Krakow. Streets, squares of the city. Monuments of architecture. When the city. Down the street is the Soviet command. Young people in the cafe. From the church leave the bride and groom. Pomeranian shaft. Soviet and Polish command of troops who took part in the defeat of the shaft. Polish soldiers are in the fortress. Operator removes Mikosha battle for Elblont. City of Gdansk. Pass the Polish and Soviet soldiers. Polish soldiers in the courtyard of Argus raise the Polish flag. General Kosygin mi general Świerczewski campfire. Chronicle. 1923. Moscow meets Polish Communists. K. Świerczewski in Moscow, in Spain. Battle for Berlin. Hoisting the flag over the Reichstag.

Reel №1

The film is about the joint struggle of the Soviet and Polish peoples against Hitler's fascism in the Second World War.