About the wonders of vision (1930-1939)

Footage №65674, 1 part, black-white
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:Gans Egon Koh

Reel №1


Landscape with river, sunset.

Forest, trees, through the haze.

It should deer, birds near the water, on the woodpeckers in the hollow tree.

Horse with colts.

Wind rustles the trees.

Girl playing with a doll.

Close-up of an eye.

The structure of the eye, compared with the camera.

Driving eyes and lenses.

A man reads a book, the pages blurred, headache.

He wears glasses and sees a normal


The principle of the eye's lens, the accommodation.

The lens is reduced, depending on the object distance.

The old man looks at a newspaper, pushing her away from him, his farsightedness.

The glasses can correct it.

Man trying to thread a needle, it is impossible, as long as he does not wear glasses.

Children wearing glasses.

Short-sighted people watching football, reading a book, but the bad spots.

At the crossroads almost hit by a car.

In the glasses he sees everything normal.


Spectacle lenses are matched at a certain degree, glasses with different segments.

People with glasses working


Production of glasses for glasses, grinding on the machine.

Masters work with glasses.

In the classroom the teacher tells about the structure of the eye model.

A variety of spectacle frames.

A woman wears glasses, but she does not like setting.

No points are not unaet friends.

He narrows his eyes to see.

We have to wear glasses


Normal vision allows you to see the news world.

A child with his mother.

Beautiful landscapes.

Sports Games on the water.

Sailboat sails past the beautiful places.


Man looking glasses folk dance.

A huge stadium filled with people on the field, the machine goes to Hitler, all shouting enthusiastically.

Maypole with a wreath, fascist banners with swastikas.

The boy looks, smiling.

Festive wreath with Nazi symbols

Key words

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