High art Weidmann. (1938)

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Director: Uljrih K.T.Shuljc/Ulrich K.T.Schulz/

Operators: Valjter Suhner

Reel №1


The woods in the morning,birds chirping.

The forest is a hunter.

Reindeer,running,sensing danger.

A hunter with a dog.

Nest on a tree branch,screaming Chicks.

The bird takes the egg in its beak.

Hunter climbs the ladder to put together the platform,watching through binoculars for bird of prey holding a fish in its talons.

Ducks on the shore,in the water.

The inhabitants of the forest in the summer.

Grazing in the grass deer,DOE with young.

The wild boar with cubs,a raccoon moves in the grass,running Fox,wild boar.

Majestically moving elk


The forest in winter.

Runs through the snow hare.

Reindeer digs the snow when foraging.

Birds fly between the trees.

Animal footprints in the snow.

Running Fox,a deer jumps in a hurry.

Hunter on skis,killing a Fox in the distance.

Fox jumps,sits in the snow.

Hunter screams like a bird luring the Fox,then kills her

Key words

Germany, forest, animals, birds, hunting Germany, forest, natural phenomena, animals, hunting

Reel №2


A grouse on the tree.

Forest blooms in spring.

The hunter creeps up to grouse with a gun.

Bird Lek.

The hunter imitates the cries of the female,beckoning the bird gets shot by.

Running deer with fawns.

Hunter leaves the house,asks his wife to jump the gun,"luck".

The hunter sneaks up to a herd of deer,whistling through a special whistle,then through the leaf.

The roar of male deer,which ohranyat his family.

Close-up of his head.

Deer antlers digging the ground,lies down on the grass.

A hunter with a dog hiding behind a woodpile.

Blows through a large shell that whistles through the nostrils,beckoning the deer.

The male comes close to the call.

Deer from the herd,he shall roar

Key words

Germany, forest, natural phenomena, birds, animals, hunting