XI Olympiad in Berlin. (1936)

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Reel №1

SShA.Vid at the Olympic Stadium svrhu.

The spectators in the stands pulling his hands in a Nazi salute, meeting Hitler and other officials, facing the stadium.

Girl runs to Hitler, gives flowers.

Hitler is the central platform

In the field are Olympic team with the flags of their countries.

Hitler welcomes Team.

The German team with a flag with a swastika, arms extended in greeting.

Hitler delivers a short speech.

On the track of the stadium athlete runs with the torch in his hand.

It soars over the stadium flock of pigeons.

An athlete lights the Olympic flame

SShA.Nachalo Olympics.

Running for 10 thousand meters of the stadium, in the lead three Finns.

Hitler was a fan of his.

Showing rocking running.

Hitler congratulates champions.

High jump.

Cornelius Johnson takes a height of 203 cm, 200-Albritton, Thurber 200.Na-3 podium athlete SShA.Sportsmeny raise their hands, welcoming Hitler.

Throwing spears among women.

Olympic hero, the Negro-American Jesse Owens, 100m run, he won 4 gold medals in the sprint.

In the women's 100 meters women's champion was the Helen Stephens, SShA.Pryzhki in length, the gold medal was won by Jesse Owens.

High jump with a pole.

Leap Meadows / USA / De Japanese and Nishida, Rapid.

Japanese audiences scream

SShA.Plavanie 400 meters among men, leading Medis / USA / Uto Makino / Japan /.

Filming rocking.

Swimming 100metrov on the back of women, gold medal Dina Senff / Netherlands /.

Swimming 100 meters backstroke men wins Adolph Kiefer.

Regatta on the Canal, compete four, then eight

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Reel №2

Outdoor swimming pool, swimming.

Gold medal athlete receives from the United States.

Running the 110 meters hurdles, winning Horres Tauzhn / USA /.

Ran Finlay / England / Pollard / USA /.

Running 300 meters hurdles.

The regatta, competing yachts.

Polo, the game between the teams of Argentina and England.

Swimming in the women's 200 meters win in March Senenger in 3 minutes 3 seconds. 12 500 Berlin schoolchildren perform mass exercises at the stadium.

Relay 4 by 100 meters for women and men.

Marathon running.

Athletes run out of the stadium, running through the streets of the city, on the road through the checkpoints.

By way of their cheering fans.

The first returns to the stadium Japanese athlete

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Reel №3

SShA.Zriteli pulled his hands in a Nazi salute.

The field consists of the team.


The athlete performs exercises on the rings, parallel bars.

Running at 1,500 meters.

Hitler podnimate hand, viewers otvechayut.1 place-Lovelock / New Zealand / -3.47.8,2 place-Kannigem / USA / -3,48,3 place-Bekkali / Italy / -3.49.2.Tolkanie core among men, the champion -Vellke / Germany / -16.20 meters.

2 raises the German flag with a swastika.

Discus Throw, a winner-SShA.Pryzhki Carpenter from the water, Rapid.

Swimming 200 meters women won Japanese Maehata.

Swimming 4 200 meters for men, Rapid

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Reel №4

Football game between teams Italy and Austria, on the game, the score is 2:1. The closing of the Olympics that evening.

The stadium are the teams with the flags of their countries.

Hitler on the podium welcomed the athletes.

Chairman of the organizing Committee, a Frenchman, closes the Olympics.

Girls bear Laurel wreaths, put on the flags of the victorious countries.

The descent of the Olympic flag.

The Olympic flame

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