Hands at work (1930-1939)

Footage №65710, 6 parts, black-white
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized

Reel №1


Industrial landscape,factory chimneys smoke.

Workers of different professions in their places.


Landscapes of Germany,views of the valley and the city from the mountain.pnrm. the city,industrial plants,pipes,valves,floors,oil tank.

Go to the workers.

Factory yard,dvijetsya train on the tracks,the switchman shifts the rails.

Checkpoint of the plant,are working

Key words

Germany, industry, workers, miners, tourist attractions, farmers transport

Reel №2


Buzzing factory whistle.

Top view of factory yard where there is plenty of tables.

Behind them sit the workers during a break,they eat,smoke,talk,play cards.

Workers in their places.

Ranchi wear a special knee pads,includes a grinding stone.

Cycling machine there is a conveyor belt with wheels.

Glass factory,glass processing,mirrors.

The work of glass blowers,they blow the bottles into shape.

Glass-blowing machine makes bottle,is the production line,bottles are closed with caps.

Workers unload barrels


Spinning spools of thread.

Weaving factory,spinning machines,women with reels.

Working loom,dressing tissue.

Factory yard,there is a train,the hand sticks "Shoe" under the wheel,and regulate traffic.

Workers go after the shift with the plant through the checkpoint.

The worker returns home by Bicycle,he meets a family.

The wife feeds the ducks,the boy is petting the dove.

Evening sunset over river,boats on the shore.

Landscape with lake and rural houses

Key words

Germany, industry, workers
Germany, light industry, women, transportation, children, birds, lake, river, family, industry

Reel №3


The farmer beats a braid.

Peasant faces.

German town,go carts pulled by oxen,horses.

Ears of wheat field.

Grazing cows.

Plowing at the horse plow.

At the road cross with the image of Christ.

Agricultural machinery in the field harvesting hay.

A dense flow is a flock of sheep


Old town,fortress,home.pnrm op area with the river.

The mountain slopes with vineyards,the grape harvest.

The herbicide treatment.

Traffic on the city streets,past the slopes with vineyards,Church by the river.

Workers rolled logs into the river,the horse pulling logs.

The raftsmen on the river.

The rapid flow of water with splashes


Old town, the tower fortress.

City gate, ancient house.

Signs of the masters: the Jewish hexagon bar with shot glasses in the centre, a sign with the cow, the image of horseshoes. blacksmith shoeing horse, repairing a wagon wheel.

Beautiful streets, the roofs of the houses.

On the roof chimney sweep, his face, the faces of the other masters, a woman embroidering pattern.

Gonchar on the circle sculpts vessel, starsue it's grainy patterns.

Art processing of glass vases.

Glass mural on the window, patterns of metal casting.

Woodcarving, wooden sculpture.

Old books with pictures


New bridge.

Dam,dam,generation of electricity.

The train is coming into the camera,the wheels of the train.

Depot,trolley stand.

Work arrangements.

View of the city from the top.

The aircraft of"Lufthansa"-"Von Hindenburg" lands on the field

Key words

Germany, farmers, pet animals, monuments, equipment household
Germany, river, town, castle, Church, workers, industry, forest, mountain, pet animals, farmers
Germany, city, craft, Pets, women
Germany, bridge, dam, power plant, aviation, railway

Reel №4


The plant is the trolley with the ore, the ore crane unloads.

Rink leveled gravel on the road.

Scaffolding, working at a construction site.

New buildings, housing.

The industrial community.

Sevrhu view of the valley and the village.

There is a group "Labour Front" with shovels. "

At the construction site, workers are digging the ground, loaded into trucks.

Labor groups at the shore, digging the ground.

Working at half-time to eat outside at a long table, one bird feeding crumbs.

According whistle workers gather in swimming trunks running to the river, swim, play, fight, engage in physical exercise, sunbathing.

They form in the ranks


Construction of the road in the Alps.


Construction of the railway.

Working lifts timber, puts rebar, cement leveled.

Works excavator, conveyor goes on gravel, road roller leveled.

View of the new road bridge.

There is a train.

The airship hangar

Key words

Germany, industry, workers, road, river, recreation, entertainment, sports
Germany, highway construction, workers, railway, machinery, household, bridge, ballooning

Reel №5


The working mechanisms in motion, spinning wheels, working machines.

The crate lowered into the mine.

A long tunnel, it goes on the trolley with the miners.

Miners in the roadway,work hammers, chisel attachment, blow up the rock.

The coal is poured on the conveyor, goes into the trolley, rises to the surface.

There are wagons with coal by rail to barges on the river


The metallurgical plant.

Cableway with running trolleys.

The equipment shop.

Is molten metal.

Work Steelworkers

Key words

Germany, mine, miners, transport workers, the river, the railroad
Germany, heavy industry, air transport, workers

Reel №6


Flying airship.

The Brandenburg gate decorated with flags with a swastika.

A crowd of people on the square.

Children with Nazi flags,smiling girls.

Top view of the crowd,they raise their hands in a Nazi salute.

Through the crowd of young people gathered in the square,car rides with Hitler.

The view from the top of the square,then to the streets lined up troops.

Hitler comes to the podium to the microphone,delivers a speech on national socialism.

Close-UPS boots,swastika flags.

Units,the crowd in the square.

The faces of the officers,soldiers,workers.

Hitler's Speech.

Teams are "Labor front".

The soldiers in the ranks

Key words

Germany, Aeronautics, population, landmarks, State.symbols, Nazis, soldiers, State.figures, personalities, Hitler, children, workers

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