The wine areas of Germany (1935)

Documentary №65711, 2 parts, black-white
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:Gans F.Viljgeljm/Hans F.Wihelm/
Camera operators:Adoljf Kalj,Valjter Fretc

Reel №1


The plot is built in the form of the conversation of the men,taste the wine in a small restaurant.

The hillside vineyards,the man lifted the sprayer splatters vines.

The scenery along the Moselle and the Rhine,types of coasts,the vineyards on the banks on the slopes of the mountains.

The man rises to the vineyard with a basket on his shoulders,pours into the earth.

The Moselle river,ships are the river Church,overlooking the city.

The river Rhine,the slopes with vineyards.

District Rhine-Palatinate,is the grape harvest.

From a basket of grapes is poured into barrels.

Mountain landscape with a turbulent river,rapids

Key words

Germany, mountains, rivers, plants, food,

Reel №2


Wine on the banks of the Lower Danube.


City Vyurtsurg.

Streets, wrought-iron sign with the Lions.

Women in the yard lay on the table, the man slowly drinking wine.

Bottle of wine vyurtsburgonskogo 1934 sticker.

The city gates, the fortress.

The mountain slopes along the Rhine.

City Meyssel.

Along the river are the court.

Funny cork in the form of goals.

Grape bunches.

Wachau, a woman in the national dress of the girl in vorotah.

PNRM. Shteyermarka.

Go oxen-drawn carts.

The mill, the well of the house.

On a cart driven by a barrel of wine.

Works cooper


National holiday of the harvest.

Residents sit at the table, drinking wine.

A bottle of wine from Burgundy.

Bunches of grapes.

Patterns in the form of clusters are repeated in sculpture and architecture.

Sculpture of the Virgin with the Child, children are kept in the hands of the vine.

View of the city, the vineyards, the river

Key words

Germany, city attractions, women, food, plants, windmill, hobbies, river, water transport
Germany, festivals, food, people, sculpture, architecture

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