Carpet victory (steps of victory). (1940)

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Reel №1


A documentary about the events of the Italian government to combat tuberkulezom.

Quote Mussolini.

Footage of a military chronicle.

The calculation at the cannon, charging guns, shooting.

At the airport the pilot puts on a parachute, sits in the cockpit, taking off.

Warships at sea.

Nabludatel looking through the periscope.

Rushing fired a torpedo.

Sink the stricken ship.

The plane over the sea, the top view of the sinking ship.

The bombardment of the city, fires.

Shooting guns


Peace building, excavate, house in the woods.

There is a train.

The boat in the water.

Harvesting in the field


The fight against tuberculosis.

The view of the city.

Mountain resort in the valley.

Children krujatsya in the dance.

The mother and children.

Children run to the sea,swimming,doing exercises on the shore.


Rose under a magnifying glass,is seen inside a harmful insect,the forceps is removed insect.

Flowering gardens

Italy.pnrm. on the factory floor,working machines.

Processing the body of the bombs.

The construction of shelters and bunkers.

In the crack dot Peeps barrel guns

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Reel №2


The country has carried out medical examination of the population.

Women sit in the clinic reception.

Check cards.

The x-ray room,the patient at admission.

Examination of pregnant women.

Women feed newborn babies.

Children make anti-vaccination.

Outpatient care of the population in the village.

The doctor listens to the boy.

A female doctor goes home.

Special medical buses arrive in remote areas.

The buses are the column of children.

Children are accepted by doctors of different specialties:dental,eye,physician and other


The Scenery Of Italy.

A sanatorium in the mountains.

The building of the Institute.

In the laboratory studies.

Scientist looking into a microscope.

Scientific experiments with mouse.

The doctor checks the chest of naciente,provides treatment with the aid of the apparatus.

A Bust Of Karl Anini

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Reel №3


Large health centers, their device.

Tanning verandas, resting on the sun loungers.

walk in the park.

Quote Mussolini on the wall.

Kitchen sanatorium dining room.

Doctor's office, a library for doctors.

Bas-relief on a medical theme.

Ceramics factory, the women painted vessels.

Construction of a new resort.

Sisters of Charity in form.

The resort comes with a sanitary inspection of the Minister.

Along the corridor is a nurse, she looks in chamber, shining a flashlight, checking patients


Hall Theatre, is a collection of doctors.

Promotional posters for the sanatorium.

The scheme of anti-tuberculosis institutions in Italy.

Statistical data on tuberculosis from 1925 to 1937.

Children on clinical examination.

Admission to the X-ray room.

Preventive actions.

Sun, air and water-mates in brbe against tuberculosis.

Ventilation windows.

Mother bathed little older detey6deti wash themselves.

Hygiene Compliance.

Women wash clothes, wash the floors.


Jumping into the water from the tower.

High jumping, running in the stadium, skiing.

Horseback Riding.

Competition in climbing on a rope


Sailors climb the ropes to the ship.

Army of Italy, the soldiers of the column.

Tanks, guns, ships, guns.

Seaplane on the water.

Shoot the ship's guns.

Flying airplanes.

Mussolini in uniform.

Flag of Italy

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