Wild water. (1930)

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Director: Gucci Lantshner/Guzzi Lantschner/

Reel №1


A documentary with the game story.

Rough mountain river in the air water spray from the spray.

With rocks rushing waterfall.

In the river there are tents.

Dawn, the sun comes out from under the rocks.

The four young men get up, wash in the river, make a fire, put a pot to eat.

Then descend to the water, kayaks and begin the descent on a mountain river.

View of a mountain landscape on the banks of bavariysky.

Kayaks are carried by a torrent, steep turns and rapids.

As a young man running along the shore greeted the boy, the girl throws one of these berries from the basket.

Ahead of a dangerous shift, young men decide to go all the way along the shore, moor

Key words

Germany, mountains, river, waterfall, young people, women, transport, water, tourism, food, children

Reel №2


Boys carry kayaks on the hands along the coast, skirting dangerous place.

Let down the boat downstream, back float, overcoming rapids.

One of them is flipped, swims to shore.

The canvas top kayaks a hole, it embeds the young man, sticking the patch.

Swimming continues until the evening.

The boys decide to stay for the night, moor to the shore and see there is a tent, two girls look out from it.

Young people meet in the evening sitting around the campfire.

One plays gramoshke singing Tyrolean songs.

The second plays the flute, young people dancing

Key words

Germany, young people, transport, water, tourism, sports, music, leisure, entertainment, musical instruments

Reel №3


Morning on the river, the water mist.

Close-up of the web.

The girls decide to get up early and go with the guys one.

They get into their canoes and go down the river.

However, for too rapid, and one of the girls flipped.

They are difficult to get to the shore, but the kayak floats.

They catch up with boys, girls talk about their distress.

Boys caught the canoe and float on already together.

They get to the calm waters, admiring the views.

On the shore of a beautiful old fortress town with a domed churches

Key words

Germany, river, young people, women, transport, water, sports, tourism, fortress, Church