The struggle for continues production. (1936)

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Reel №1


Agricultural work.

Farmer plowing with horses.

Unloading of manure in the field.

SEV machine and by hand.

Hay, it is loaded on carts.

The cart drives into the barn.

Farmer sharpening a scythe.

The woman knits sheaves.

Agricultural machines in the field.

Harvesting potatoes on the field, there are sacks of potatoes.

The sheep shearing.

The woman with the yarn, work on the home loom.

Scientists in the laboratory.

Data table for 1935.

The man comes in.

Scientists are conducting a study of milk.

Milk of healthy and sick cows under the microscope.

The scientist decides to explore the farm

Key words

Germany, agriculture, scientists, laboratory, research, women, crafts

Reel №2


The farm is in a poor state,peeling walls,dark rooms.

Owners are advised to change everything radically,although they complain that there is no money.

A General meeting of peasants,where they are encouraged to look at model farms.

The model farm,good brick house.

Exemplary barn,separate stables for cows.

Graphics for each cow.

Mechanical drinker,give the cows hay.

Sink for the working of the farm.

Showing separate box for cow

Key words

Germany, the United farm workers

Reel №3


On the cart sitting children.

The peasants in the old stables.

Construction of the new stables.

Exemplary coop.

Chickens in the cells, the cell for laying hens.

The drinker.

Another exemplary cowshed, the cows are in the stalls, decorated metal structures, feed supply.

Farmers in the dining room tables.

They talk about the latest developments in agriculture

Key words

Germany, the peasants, children, construction, poultry, farm, agriculture

Reel №4


Foods and their storage.

Cows produce hay.

Cleaning the hooves.

Harvesting hay storage barn.

Rapeseed and other feed in the box.

Speech Professor, he distributes leaflets to peasants.

Proper storage of grain, grain pests.

At the end, there is an appeal to the peasants

Key words

Germany, farmers, pet animals, agriculture