The birthplace at work (1938)

Footage №65865, 1 part, black-white
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized

Reel №1


"Zepdelen" Enterprise.

Man comes to take up work.

In the personnel department, he signed the paper and goes to the head of department.

He shows pictures and tells the company about it newbie


Lunch, working out in the yard, dine at tables in the open air.

Some are located in the lounge chairs, relaxing in the sun.

Girls playing with a ball.

A group of workers surrounded the accordionist


After the break, the workers go to their seats.

Chemical production, machines work.

Work is poured into bottles solution.

The factory laboratory is producing experiences.

The technician looks through a microscope


After work, the workers can enjoy recreation interests.

Shooting in the dash.

Young people sunbathing, running, playing croquet.

Sports: high jump, long throwing spears, kernel.

Girls with skipping ropes with balls.

Archery Target.

After the lesson, you can bathe in the shower


Garden at zavole.

These are families.

Children happy to help adults to take care of flowers, watering them.

Cleaning cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes.

Cutting of colors which give visitors.

Speech by the administration to the workers, they diverge in places.

Stoker throwing coal into the furnace.

plant Pipes

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