About the Life Of Buddhist Buryats In the Soviet Union.. (1968)

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Director: Golubov G.


The film introduces the ritual of worship of Buddhists of the Buryat Autonomous Republic, talks about the international relations of the Soviet Buddhists.

Temporary description

Types of Buryatia: forest, mountains, steppes, herds of cows and herds of horses, flocks of sheep. Lake Baikal. General view of works for the electrification of railways. Types of Ulan-Ude - the capital of Buryatia: streets, buildings, public streets. General view Ivolginsk Buddhist temple, residence of Buddhist lamas USSR Jambal Dorji Gomboeva. Worship in the temple. Buryat artists working on the production of objects of worship for Buddhist temples. Type Library in Ivolginsk temple. Buddhist monks are reading in the library of sacred books. Holiday Service - Hural in datsan. Meeting the spiritual control of Buddhists. General view Agin Datsan. Religious debate in the church (synchronously). Northern Buddhist funeral rite. Prayer in one of the Buryat houses on the birth of the child. Lama reads a prayer (synchronously). Holiday "Mandariyn-Hural" - Holiday coming of the Buddha: Lama prayers, beat the drums, cymbals, hand out grain. Procession around Datsan. Meeting in Buryatia Bandido Hambo Lama of Mongolia. Signing of the joint appeal.

Reel №1

The head of the Buddhists of the Soviet Union Bandido Hambo Lama Dorji Zhambai Gomboev in the temple to worship - different.

Sculpture of Buddha in the temple - CU.

Landscapes of Buryatia -, PNRM. with a / t (winter, summer).

Herd of horses in a pasture - LS.

A herd of cows on pasture - LS.

Flock of sheep in the pasture - MS., CU.

Buryat village - MS.

Tractor plowing the land, drill the wheel of the tractor - MS., CU.

Lake Baikal - the autumn, around snow - LS.

Buryats fishermen pulling networks ashore - MS.

Installation of power lines on the railway in Siberia - different.

It takes a freight train on the railway.

Builders assemble the power line of the railway.

Buryats go to work in industry.

Open-hearth furnace flames bursting from the furnaces - MS.

Boiling liquid metal - CU.

Metallurg-drilled at work in the shop - CU.

One of the streets of Ulan-Ude - MS.

College student - Buryat boys and girls - a practical lesson in the chemistry lab.

Young female buryatka, Researcher, at the microscope - CU.

Buryat female surgeon preparing for surgery - CU.

In a maternity hospital on a gurney wheeling infants - MS.

Children Buryats in kindergarten play, dance - LS., CU.

Streets, squares, buildings in Ulan-Ude - different.

Along the street are buryatka girls in fashionable short dresses.

Monument to the fallen in the struggle for Soviet power, set in the center of Ulan-Ude - MS., CU.

On urban boulevard is buryatka woman with a pram.

Infant in a baby carriage - CU.

Theater building, the agency Aeroflot in Ulan-Ude - CU.

Ivolginsky Buddhist temple - different.

Details of church decoration (appearance).

The interior of the church in the Ivolginsky - different.

The head of the Buddhists of the Soviet Union Bandido Hambo Lama Dorji Zhambai Gomboev talks about the Buddhist faith and the Buddhists of Buryatia (synchronous)

Morning prayer at a Buddhist temple - the men and women in prayer.

Hands plucked the rosary - CU.

Ritual worship of the Northern Buddhists of the Mahayana school (synchronously in Tibetan)

Reel №2

Cult object hurde near a Buddhist temple.

Believers, passing the church, turn hurde, addressing a prayer to Buddha.

Suburghan - Peace Pagoda, built in Buryatia in 1963 (appearance) - Various.

Believers have suburgan.

Galdan Lenhoboev - sculptor and woodcarver, who took part in decorating the pagoda of the world - at work.

Finished products of wood and other materials created Lenhoboevym.

Model suburgan created Lenhoboevym.

G. Lenhoboev working on a book about the medicinal herbs of the area.

Books Lenhoboeva dedicated architecture and interior decoration of the temples - CU.

Goose Lake in Buryatia - MS. (Summer).

Gusinoozerskoye Buddhist temple on the lake - LS., MS.

The exterior finish of the temple after the restoration - MS., CU.

Library Buryat branch of the Siberian Branch of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR.

Scientist working at the library - PNRM., MS., CU.

Lama goes to the library Ivolginsky temple.

Religious literature in different languages ​​in the library - CU., LS.

Lama in the library reading the manuscript and woodcuts.

Unique manuscripts, decorated with golden ornaments and miniatures in the library - MS., CU.

A sacred tree in the Ivolginsky temple.

Lama watering trees grown from seed donated by our delegation in India.

Start the festive service - Hural.

Religious rite Hural.

Believers with children Khural.

Meeting of the Central Spiritual Administration of Buddhists led by Bandido Hambo Lama Dorji Zhambai Gomboeva.

Reel №3

Achinsk Buddhist temple, which was consecrated Bandido Hambo Lama Dorji Zhambai Gomboev - PNRM., CU., LS.

The faithful in the Church.

Inside view of the church, the decoration, jewelery, made by the faithful.

Author of many ornaments and religious objects carver Ayur Gomboev at work on the layout of the temple Aryavalo.

The layout of the temple Aryavalo - PNRM., CU.

A temple Aryavalo created Gomboeva.

The abbot of the temple Achinsk Hambo Lama Galsan-Zhimba Gonchikov directed to religious discussion.

Religious discussion in the temple (simultaneously in tibeskom language).

Buddha image in a temple.

Mural - painted on the wall of the temple - PNRM., CU.

Religious ceremony at the funeral of a Buddhist-Buryat (synchronous yayke in Tibetan).

Buryatia landscape with river - LS. (Summer).

Religious ceremony in the house where the child was born - Lama prays (synchronously in Tibetan).

Hostess - notably milkmaid Buryatia baptized child.

Photos of the days of stay milkmaids in Moscow, in the Kremlin.

Milkmaid milking a cow in the collective herd.

Milkmaids poured milk in cans - MS., CU.

Lam washes kids "holy water» - MS., CU.

The annual summer gala ceremony "Mandariynhural" - a holiday coming Buddha.

Believers in the church and in the street listening to the prayer, pray.

Hands plucked the rosary - CU.

Lama prayers, beat the various items that play on various wind instruments religious - tubes, shells, etc. (synchronously).

Reel №4

Continued religious service in the church in honor of the "Mandariynhurala."

Lama out of the temple.

Solemn procession around the church.

International visitors to the solemn prayers.

Photos on the presence of foreign Buddhists in the USSR.

Vice-President of the World Fellowship of Buddhists Professor Sanjeev Dylykov says international relations Soviet Buddhists (synchronously).

Photos Bandido Hambo Lama Dorji Zhambai Gomboeva - different.

Photos of staying in the USSR famous Ceylon Buddhist leader, winner of the International Lenin Peace Prize Saranankara Thera - MS., CU.

Photos of staying in Buryatia Secretary Ceylon Society "Sri Lanka Buddhist Congress" Vipulasara Thera.


Prominent figure in Buddhism in Nepal Amratanada Ivolginsky Temple delivers a sermon - different.

Hambo Lama and members Gomboev Sikkinskoy Buddhist delegation to the hotel "Russia".

Buryat Buddhists meet Bandido Hambo Lama Gombozhava Mongolia.

Gombozhava in the temple for prayer.

Bandido Hambo Lama and Gomboev Gombozhava the conversation.

Photo: Head of the Buddhist Union and Mongolia signed an appeal to all the Buddhists of the world to call for the immediate cessation of the war in Vietnam.

Bandido Hambo Lama Gomboev - a member of the Soviet Peace Committee, talks about the struggle against the war Buddhists (synchronously).

Buryatka home performs morning prayers - MS., CU.