In batakerov Sumatra. (1930 - 1939)

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Director: Aljfred Botas /Alfred Bothas/

Operators: Aljfred Botas /Alfred Bothas/

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The shooting made the German expedition on board the ship "Gneisenau" on the island of Sumatra.

Landscapes of Sumatra, virgin forests, the mountain with a volcano.

Mountain Plateau, the river in the valley.

Jungle with huge ferns.

On the tree big nest of wasps.

On the water, a variety of boats, the coast is approaching long boat with passengers.

Women with children tied behind his back, with baskets.

Gonchar, who brought the pots on the boat, makes a bunch of pots on the shore.

Bazaar on the coast.

Population trading.

A woman watching the mat on her breast the baby sleeps.

Types natives

The village natives batakerov.

Huts on high stilts, roof covered with brushwood.

The types of buildings, carvings of wood, ornaments with muzzles of animals.

Women for homework.

A woman sifts the flour through the grille, two women pounded something in a large vat.

Primitive water.

Weaving on a primitive loom.

Goes cart drawn by water buffalo, buffalo near the water.

National holiday in the countryside.

Ritual dance, movement of fingers in a dance.

Agricultural work.

Several women to hook formation of the earth poles and turn it, the primitive plow.

The village of another tribe.

Near the pig house.

A man carries a basket on her head.

Cabin with ukrosheniyami roof in the form of buffalo heads, carved from wood.

Ceremonial dances.

Two pairs of dance, followed by two elderly men, pretending to "fight."

The village against the backdrop of a mountain with volcano

Key words

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