The Teenager. (1968)

Film-document №6602 6 parts, Duration: 1:00:12, Black-white to collection Price category A

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Derbysheva L.

Script writers: Kuznecova E.

Operators: Baykov V.

Text writers: Chachin V.


The film about problems of upbringing teenagers in the family, at school, in pioneer camps.

Temporary description

Streets. Passers-by. Young men play guitars and sing. L. Derbysheva conducts interviews with passers-by on the problems of adolescents (synchronously). The policeman is a drunken teenager. Interviews with young people (synchronously). Courtroom. Enter the arrested teens. Trial. School. The guys play on the playground, in class on the lesson. The teacher makes a remark to his disciples, sitting in class gives interviews (synchronously). Students harvesting class at KVNe. Policeman talks about the problems of repetition (synchronously). Associate Professor William D. Rosenthal leads a lesson in class repetition, gives interviews (synchronously). The city of Gorky. The monument to Maxim Gorky. Streets. Students talk about LP Minenko organized for the kids clubs, section (synchronously). LP Minenko at the rink with the kids and gives interviews (synchronously). Children poured rink. The game of hockey. Rewarding kids-hockey players. The guys in Winter Park. Smokers. The dispute in the children's room the police. Advocates a policeman, man. Interviews Toli Serharova (synchronously). Tent city youth squad. The guys on the line. Members of the squad for the unloading of fish in one of the Baltic ports. Reporter E. Volkov, who created the Thule detachment Seeker; sings with the guys. Family EI Koklyaevoy the festive table, congratulated the grandmother of 63-anniversary. Danilov Children receiver. Parents and children talking in the garden. The teacher talked with the boy (synchronously). Boarding school. Children of his bed, at the holiday table. Stands orphanage director (synchronously). Infant Happy Birthday. The teacher gives an interview (synchronously). Children dance. Conversations with parents of children living in a boarding school (synchronously). Seeing children in summer camp. Playing a brass band. Ruler of the camp. Children in charge. The camp gives interviews (synchronously). Children swim, go to the dining room. Weighing children. Pass the guys from the commune of young frunzentsev, in whose hands a monument to fallen heroes. Construction of the guys at the monument, are the cottages, specifying the names of the victims, help victims' families: carry water, prick, sawing wood. Children of the commune are interviewed (synchronously). Young Communards swear (synchronously).

Reel №1

Avenue of the city, on the sidewalk passers go, passing pedestrians, run across the street three boys 10 years 12 - hitting, LS. (Summer).

Go passersby on the street, among them are teenagers with ice cream in hand.

The street is a teenage girl, dressed in a jacket - MS.

Among a group of passers-by are teenagers, talking quietly - MS.

Boys 10 years-12 walking down the street with his hands in his pockets.

It takes a young man playing the guitar - PNRM., CU.

It takes a group of young men, sing, one plays the guitar.

Several teenagers in the street potter, knock each other down - different.

Filmmaker CSDF LN Derbysheva street interviews women passing on the problem of adolescence (synchronously).

LN Derbysheva interviewing passers-Men (synchronous) - MS.

The street is a drunk teen - MS.

The policeman is a drunk teen - MS., PNRM.

Sober teenager by police responding to questions (synchronously).

The police speaks to another sober teenager (synchronous) - CU.


Courtroom, present in the room stand up - LS.

In the courtroom enter defendants - teenagers - LS., MS.

The interrogation of the accused 17-year-old boy who committed the crime in a drunken state (synchronous).

The accused teenagers in the courtroom - MS., CU., PNRM.

The parents of the defendants in the courtroom.

The trial of juvenile offenders.


Court personnel at the hearing.

Teens in custody - MS., CU.

An armed policeman next to the defendants.

Woman's hands, folded in her lap - CU.

In the courtroom, crying teen father - CU.

Witnesses in the courtroom - MS., CU.

Crying teenage mother accused - CU.

PNRM. the courtroom - MS.

During the break, at the school the children play - LS., PNRM.

Literature lesson at 8 or 9 class city school - LS., PNRM.

Pupils write an essay on the free theme, "What worries me in life."

Schoolchildren: focused, thoughtful, serious - CU.

Reel №2

Teens face - CU.

Pupils write an essay - CU.

Teacher of literature among pupils - MS.

Class during class literature: all write, silence - LS.

In the same class after the bell pupils dart, run out into the hallway.

At recess senior lively conversation, debate, gesticulating dramatically - different.

History lesson in the senior class, the teacher tells the story of Herzen, of the social movement 20's of the 19th century.

Pupils in class talking, gesticulating, noisy, do not listen to the teacher.

Teacher abruptly stops students and seeks to continue the lesson, one student from the class teacher, throws, falls lesson (synchronous) - Various.

Meeting teachers' meeting at the school.

History teacher tells torn lesson about the behavior of students in the classroom (synchronous).

At the teachers' meeting said teacher Emily B. (synchronously).

A high school student classroom clean: wash the desks and floor.

School KVN.

Adults who among students in the audience KVN - LS.

Emily B. is a lesson, students listen, write.

Courtroom: is the legal process.

Accused teen answers questions (synchronously).

Police officer said about the problem of repetition in school (synchronously).

Teens on the street - are different.

Wind rustles the leaves of young poplar - MS. PNRM.

September 1, children are the school colors - LS., MS., PNRM.

Repetition in the fifth grade reluctantly enters the class - CU., PNRM.

Sad repetition sitting in the back row - CU.

The teacher greets the students and asks to stand repetition.

Repeaters are at their desks - MS.

The teacher informs the organization of a new experimental grade 6, which will learn repeaters fifth.

Gaiety the face of repetition - CU.

Repeaters different schools in Tiraspol in the classroom in the experimental classes.

Children at recess in the school yard - LS.

Reel №3

Lesson in second grade, created from the repetition: the children listen to the teacher.

Initiated the creation of a class of repetition Associate Ushar Davidovich Rosenthal is a lesson in the experimental class.

One girl in the back row in class yawning in class, others listen teacher - CU., MS.

Animation: copies of the newspaper "Pravda", which published articles related to the topic of parenting teenagers - CU.

The streets of the city of Gorky - MS. (With a / t, winter).

Monument AM Gorky in Gorky - LS., CU.

Trees in parks, covered with frost.

People on the winter streets.

Teens on the street are in a hurry - MS.

Interviews with teenagers on the street: the guys tells the social worker Larisa Minenko (synchronously).

Housewife social worker LP Minenko with the guys at the rink Yard - MS.

LP Minenko talks about his method of education of adolescents (synchronously).

Journalist Vladimir Chagin talks with LP Minenko.

New house in Gorky.

PNRM. to the running yard, vacant lot and garages - LS.

Guys with sleds in deplorable yard.

Guys with social clearing roller, fill it.

The inner court rink playing teenage hockey teams.

LP Minenko watching the game.

Children of the camp meeting in Gorki.

LP Volodya Kolyupaeva Minenko thanks for a good sports activities in the village and gives him a reward wishes him success (synchronously).

Presentation of cups and medals children's hockey winning team.

LP Minenko among young athletes.

The audience applauded - LS., MS.

Launched park on the other side of the city of Gorky.

Teenagers in the park knock each other down, smoke.

Meeting of representatives of various organizations with the police officers, there is a conversation about the work of educating young people.

Participants in the meeting said the measures eradicate crime adolescents (synchronously).

Teen Toll Arkharov describes the reasons that led him to the offense (synchronously).

Summer landscapes of central - different.

Reel №4

Camp squad Tula teenagers "Finder" in the woods in the Baltic States: a tent in the woods - LS. (With a / t).

Morning Line at the camp - LS., MS., PNRM.

Fishing seiner approach channel - LS.

The guys from the camp "Finder" unload boxes of fish, helping the Baltic farm.

Standby brigade commander teen Demina report to his brigade commander Tole Arkharova, ex-offenders (synchronously).

Tolia accepts report (synchronous) - CU.

The boys and girls from the group "Seeker" is found in the camp of the Komsomol journalist Eugenia Volkova, who created this squad - different.

E. Volkov and members of the youth squad sing the song (synchronously).

Funny face teens - CU.

Continued meeting representatives of Gorky (synchronously).

Gorky Street, trees in frost - LS. PNRM.

Frosty trees - MS.

Residential building - LS., Hitting a window.

Celebrating the birthday of Elizabeth Ivanovna Koklyaevoy, a former factory worker and "Red Sormovo", who raised 4 children.

Children and grandchildren congratulate the birthday girl, presented her a gift - a cartoon.

Pleased grandchildren grandmother thanks for drawing (synchronously).

EI Koklyaeva entertains guests at the table, says (synchronously).

Rooms in the apartment EI Koklyaevoy - LS., PNRM.

Items belonging to adult and young grandchildren: books, tape, paint, etc.

In the woods outside Moscow adults and children skiing, sledding - Various.

On a railway platform suburban station are people with skis families, groups, alone.

PNRM. from the street to the wall of the yard Danilov children's home in Moscow - LS.

Parents are going to visit the children at the receiver for offenders.

Goodbye parents with children, some parents and children cry - MS., CU.

16-year-old girl who gave birth to the child and abandoned by her mother on a date with his daughter and mother, the child's father.

The girl was crying, pity her daughter, speaks to the interlocutor (synchronously).

Juvenile offender in children's home answering questions (synchronously).

The building of the boarding school - LS. (Summer).

Children sleep in the bedrooms - MS., LS.

Long, bright school corridor.

View from the window of the school yard corridor, athletic fields, playgrounds - LS. PNRM.

In the morning students of the boarding school clean their bedrooms, fill the bed.

Happy faces of children living in boarding school - CU.

Pass guys with wind instruments to classes at the club.

Reel №5

Birthday 12 guys in a Moscow boarding school: the children at the holiday table.

The headmaster wishes of children with birthday (synchronously).

School brass band playing - MS., CU.

Presented to birthday gifts.

Cook makes the room and puts on the table a large birthday cake.

Happy, smiling faces of boys and girls - CU.

Boarding-school teacher said of the reasons children to live in a boarding school, with home and parents in Moscow (synchronously).

Children with teacher dance "enku-notch."

Directed by Leo Derbysheva interviewing children (synchronous) - LS., MS., CU.

The boys say that they are not at home celebrating a birthday, and a boarding school celebrated their birthday (synchronously).

The boy, whose parents and grandmother live in Moscow - CU.

The room where the parents live, and the grandmother of one of the pupils of the boarding school.

Boy's parents and grandmother - CU.

Parents and grandmother talk about a boy about a bad situation at home, the grandmother complained of ill father grandson (synchronously).

Summer landscapes suburbs - different.

Pine Forest - PNRM., MS.

Pioneers departure from Moscow in summer camps: the relatives accompany children.

Plays an amateur brass band - MS., CU.

Children sit in the bus, parents worry, kiss, hug children.

Column of buses with children passing through the streets of the city.

Pioneer detachment flag at the head coach - CU.

Summer camp in the woods - PNRM., LS.

Morning Line Pioneers - PNRM., MS.

Morning fizzaryadka summer camp - LS., MS.

Paramedic watch the kids while charging - CU.

Chief talks about summer camp holidays for children in the camps, the tasks of teachers and counselors in the camp (synchronously).

Leader is a duty in the camp counselors (synchronously).

Counselor believes children before bathing them in the river.

Children jumping into the water, splashing, somersault, swim.

Leader blows the whistle, stopping the out of order swimming, the boy makes an observation (synchronously).

Naughty boy face - CU.

Children go to the dining room - LS., MS.

Cooks in the kitchen preparing dinner for children - different.

The children have lunch in the dining camp - MS., CU.

Counselor and nurse weighed and recorded weight of children.

Leader reads playlist showing of the children how to get better at the camp (synchronously).

Pioneer camp of the fence - MS., PNRM.

Rural landscape.

The forest trail and the lake parade Pioneer detachment Frunze district of Leningrad "KYUF - commune young frunzentsev" summer holiday in the Efimov area.

Children build are on the bridge.

The old man, floating on the lake in a boat, looking at the children - MS., CU.

Reel №6

At stake in the boilers cooked dinner for the Communards' KYUF "children around the campfire cook themselves.

On a tree trunk in the forest hanging sign "Cafe" Lily »- CU.

Teens peeling potatoes - MS.

Ozerevo village in the area of ​​the Efimov - LS. (Summer).

Sunrise over the forest - MS.

Young frunzentsev solemn ruler at the monument to the fallen heroes of the village Ozerevo.

Ozerevtsam monument to the dead, placed near the village commune young Ozerevo-MS. PNRM.

Pioneers in the honor guard at the monument - MS., CU.

Pioneers of collecting materials about World War II and of its participants, talk to the old collective farmer from the village of Ozerevo; Kolkhoz tells the children about the war dead husband (synchronously).

Photo husband kolkhoz - MS.

Young frunzentsy help collective farmers on the farm: they wear buckets of water into the house, weed a field of potatoes.

Boy weeding plot in a potato field - MS., CU.

The old collective farmer talks about how she helped young communards in housework (synchronously).

Guys sawing wood, chopping them, put in woodpiles - different.

The hostess tells how children worked in her yard, thanks (synchronously).

The guys hang on woodpiles bark that says "KYUF» - CU., MS.

Communards bathe in the river at the old dam, catch crabs - different.

Girl tells of the commune (synchronously).

Faces of boys and girls - CU.

Communards build the farm swings for children - different.

Kolkhoz children ride on the swings and roundabouts made for them Communards - different.

Leader says about education teenager labor (synchronously).

Says counselors of ideological education of adolescents (synchronously).

Said teacher commune on the results of work with children at summer camp (synchronously).

Communards 9th generation Kommunarsky congratulate the beginning of their collaboration "KYUF" (synchronous).

Communards swear allegiance commune, its people (simultaneously) at the official lineup.