Whalers in Antraktike (1936)

Documentary №66024, 6 parts, black-white
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:Voljfgang Frank /Wolfgang Frank/
Camera operators:Adoljf Kalj

Reel №1


The story of the big German expedition kitolovnoy 1936 Antraktide, struck in the fields of 8 months.

Fisherman's pub, model sailboat, on the walls of the harpoons.

The bartender gives the beer the old man and the boy.

Sunset fishermen, seated at the tables, the general conversation begins.

The old man remembers the old days and the campaign for the whales.

Port, a variety of vessels.

There is a loading crane carries boxes in the hold, on the pier lie barrels.

Whistle steamer.

The sailors pulled ropes.

Flying the flag on the mast

Key words

Germany, Antarctica, fishing, fishermen, restaurant, youth, port, water transport, Gos.simvolika, eespeditsiya

Reel №2



The captain's cabin, he sits at a table.

Stewart reports on the visit zhupnalista.

Captain talks about the problems of modern kitolovnogo fishing and its importance for Germany.

Demonstration of products derived from whale oil and whale carcasses.

Statistical data


On the mast flying the flag.

Expedition members climb the ladder, carrying transporant decorated with an inscription: "Whaling fishing Henkel."

Mourners at the pier.

The sailors say goodbye to their relatives.

It sounds whistle ship climbs the ladder.

The expedition sent a large ship with a processing workshop and several barges.

The inscription on the whaling longboat, "Treff".

At the stern flag with a swastika

Key words

Germany, Antarctica expedition, fishing, marine animals, food, press
Germany, Antarctica, fishing expedition, Gos.simvolika, food

Reel №3


The path of the expedition on the map.

From Hamburg line runs from the port of Aruba to South America.

View out the window, the waves beating against the ship.

The sailors come on deck boards.

Prikmaher at work.

The men knit knots, ropes being moved, paint, sew canvas, hemp resin.

Welding on board.

The sailors on the holiday.

From hose pour water into the tank, designed to whales and sailors swimming in them.

Playing cards, chess.

Pigs in boxes, their nicknames: Black Maria, Iolanta.

Sunset on the sea.

The sailors looked comic variety show views that the two comedians


Port Aruba to Venezuela, the court near the shore.

Map the way forward lies in Rio de Janeiro.

Ship in the ocean, crossing the equator.

The ship satisfied about this holiday.

Neptune and his retinue, the Papuans, devils.

Rite of sailor on his chest plate with the name of a large ship, "Ian Vella".

Jokingly representation washing of the pool, forcing newcomers to climb through a long tube canvas


Vessels arriving in Rio de Janeiro.

Streets, traffic, traffic on the waterfront, views of the bay with the mountain.

Court continue the path.

On the map is marked next point, South Georgia Island in Antarctica.

On the whaling ship "Treff" knock wood barrels.

Storm in ocean waves poured deck.

On the water there are ice floes, icebergs.

Island, on the coast, snow-capped mountains.

The church, a tombstone with the inscription: Ernest Henry Shackleton researcher and the date - 15 February 1874-5 January 1922.Matrosy ashore.

Seals, walruses, sea lions on the island.

Close-up of mouth walrus.

A map marked with a circle of fishing area.

Court are among ice and icebergs.

Morning, Sailor uncovers harpoon gun observer climbs the mast.

In the water, there are fountains, let whales.

The vessel is prepared harpoon.

Ship engine room, pribory.matros shoots a harpoon gun

Key words

Germany, Antarctica expedition, fishing, marine animals, food, hobbies, leisure, entertainment, sea, natural phenomena, concert
Germany, forwarding, ocean, port, transportation, water, fishing, festivals, recreation, entertainment, swimming pool
Germany, Antarctica, the city, the expedition, tranpsort water, transportation, water, city, church, fishing, natural phenomena, ocean, sea animals

Reel №4


Attachments ship ropes by harpoon in water.

Go hunting for whales, the sailor let harpoon.

Keith has a tail, pull it to the side, lifted by ropes, man cuts the fin, making a mark on the body, stait flag with the emblem.

Again, there is shooting from the spear.

Cable, ragged whale.

The wireless operator in the control room sends messages, circular antenna on the deck.

Launch is coming to the big ship, the whale dragged on deck

Key words

Germany, forwarding, ocean, water transport, fishing, marine animals, communication

Reel №5


View of the top court, malentkih vessels from a large area for fishing traffic pattern within a radius of 220 m.

Recycling ship whale on the deck.

Processing whale carcasses, cut with whale skin, cut into pieces and are conveyed to a special opening.

Shop with machines, is fat processing.

Mechanized production processes on the ship.

The sailors sharpening hatchets.

Whale Carcass on the deck, it is cut

Key words

Germany sea expedition, fishing, food industry, ocean

Reel №6


On the deck of the split kit.

Detailed display of whale processing.

Trunk cut electric saw.

Mouth of a whale with teeth.

Overboard tied three whales.

Above them circling birds.

Parasites on the skin of the whale.

On the deck of the ship penguins.

Forge on board, burning stove, there is a repair harpoons.

Blacksmiths at work


It's snowing, behind floating ice floes and icebergs.

The men tear off the board from the deck, wash water from a hose, washing mops.

China is often in different containers.

The sailors are resting, sleeping.

Sports: ball games, swimming, table tennis, tug of war, physical education classes.

Repatriation of the expedition.

Ocean storm.

Arrival at the port of Hamburg, the captain looking through binoculars.

Nazi flag blowing in the stern

Key words

Antarctica expedition, fishing, marine animals, birds, crafts, work
Germany, forwarding, ocean, natural phenomena, fishing, hobbies, recreation, sports, port, Gos.simvolika

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