Do you know the country in the areas of German? (1937)

Documentary №66061, 2 parts, black-white
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:Aljbert Kling/Albert Kling/
Camera operators:Aljbert Kling/Albert Kling/

Reel №1


Area Württemberg in Germanii.

PNRM. the mountains, the river floodplain.

Flocks of waterfowl over water and meadows.

Small dam on the river, the bridge carries a man in a wheelbarrow stones, dumps them in a pile for masons who break their picks.

Logging ax, a tree falls.

Spinning wheel watermill.

The village residents are engaged in daily activities.

Horse driven on a cart timber.

Cooper scored on a barrel rings.

A woman feeds a bird boy playing the harmonica.

Forge, blacksmith shoeing a horse.

The smithy make the rim, put it on the wheel.

The street is a man with a bell, call people and read to them from a book rasporyazhenie.

PNRM. the city, the monastery Maulbreni, wall decor, sculptures, galeerya


Münster Cathedral in Ulm in the Gothic stile.

PNRM. up to the spire.

A view of the city from the cathedral.

Old houses with tiled roofs.

The individual buildings and city areas.

Old square with a fountain, palace

Key words

Germany, river, birds, women, children, music, crafts, timber, mill, pets, monastery, sculpture
Germany, Cathedral, Fountain and attractions

Reel №2


Parade of the Wehrmacht in Stuttgart, near the palace are the soldiers in front of the orchestra.

Residents of the street, a man reads a newspaper advertisement: "Summer Night in Stuttgart."

city ​​buildings, clock tower.

The traffic, the trams go.

The traffic controller on duty.

The building of automobile factory workers in BMV.Otdyh salyarii rooftop view of the city.

Traffic, a top view.

Women considering storefronts.

Various production in Württemberg.

Making musical instruments, assembly compasses, watches.

Machine tools, cutting parts.

Textile industry, factory, weavers work.

Automobile factory, assembly machines.

The driver in the car, the drivers of competition on the road, the fans.

Rally in Nuremberg to the workers


Lake Constance, boat K.D.F., working holidaymakers on board, dancing.

Swimming on the lake, on the water a lot of sailboats.

Boys run yachts.

Zeppelin in the sky.

Light aircraft flying over the area, the types of areas: fields, hills and forests.

Castles in the mountains, churches, church.

Movement along the river past the rocky coast.

The movement of the machine, the types of terrain around.

The peasants on a large cart with the songs go on holiday.

Sit at a large table in the air, swinging and singing, drinking beer.

Naroldnye dancing peasants in national costumes.

Festive folk parade on decorated carts.

They welcomed the Nazi officers.

Amusement park, carousel, swing.

Flag with svastikoy.

PNRM. by regions

Key words

Germany, hits, Gos.deyateli, the soldiers, the press, public, advertising, transportation, urban, working, industry, light industry, automobile, automotive, musical instruments, work, sports, women, trade, rally
Germany, lake, water transport, leisure, work, entertainment, sailing, youth, aviation, mountain, forest, castle, attractions, cathedral, church, river, peasants, festival, Nazis, and captains, Gos.simvolika

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