Places German aeronautical research. (1936)

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birds flying in the sky, storks on the nest.

Home aeronautics.

The first aircraft with wings that resemble birds.

The horse pulls the glider-whatnot.

Otto Lilienthal holds its first flights on airplanes.


Map of Germany, the city where the institutions are to study aeronautics.

Institute in Stuttgart.

One of the largest institutions in Berlin: Housing, entrance, wide staircase, bust Thomsen.

Gliding Institute in Darmstadt, gliders on the field.

Institutes in Göttingen, Aachen.

Oberpfaffenhofen - Institute for use in aviation radio.

The man on the experience of two sheets of paper demonstrirutt air currents.

Clarification of the role of air currents in the scheme.

Institute in Berlin, wind tunnel tests are conducted on models of the aircraft.

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Reel №2


Water pipe for studies of phenomena fluctuations in airplanes.

Motor Work under water.

Construction of the original form of research.

The wind tunnel that simulates a hurricane, the model turns in the pipe.

Institute in Hamburg finds the best form for a seaplane hull.

Tests on water.

Gliding Institute in Darmstadt.

Assembling gliders, test flights.

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Reel №3


Institutes for research in the field of engine construction.

Motor Porsche on the test bench.

Motor Parts.

Institute in Stuttgart.

Test the strength of the material for the casing, propeller, wheels, floats.

Compression of the steel pipe, it bursts.

Key words

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Reel №4


Tests chassis, propeller.

Propeller shatters into pieces during the test.

Braunschweig, Institute of Meteorology.

The launch of the balloon, devices at weather stations.

Oberpfaffenhofen - Institute for use in aviation radio.

Driving direction-finding in the scheme.

Spinning antenna.

Receiving the signal from the aircraft.

Laying it on the map route.

Blind flight, landing in the fog.

Types of new aircraft.

Plane with 6 motors above.

The aircraft with vertical takeoff.

"Lufthansa" company's passenger aircraft.

Top view of the airfield with planes.

A squadron of fighter planes in the sky.

Key words

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