The death ship "Panay". (1937)

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Reel №1

SShA.Norman Ellie makes polukrugosvetnoe journey to bring home materials about the bombing of the American steamer "Panay", sunk by Japanese bombers December 12, 1937 on the Yangtze River.

Ellie on board mininostsa "Stewart" in the Pacific Ocean, then it arrives by plane to the base in Alameda.

Escort vehicles driven by the materials in an armored car.

From the airport, flight to Newark, meeting kinoekspeditsii

The war in China.

Nanjing, PNRM. by regions.

Smoke and fire after the bombing.

Removes operator.

Burning buildings, bodies of men in the ruins.

The loss of the civilian population.

The corpses dumped on the machines.

Crying women and children.

Chinese man carries on his hands murdered son.

The population flees from

The American ship "Panay" arrived to pick up American citizens from China.

People in the port of belongings.

The sailors in the boat float to shore, inviting refugees on board.

The building of the US embassy, ​​leaving diplomats and their families.

Japanese aircraft appears in the sky. "Panay" sends a message to the British ship also filled with refugees.

Departure of the ship from the port

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Reel №2


Ships are on the river, Chinese junks accompany them.

The Chinese on the riverboat.

Japanese planes in the sky.

Wardroom ship captain with the guests drinking tea.

You hear the alarm, the men run away in places.

Antiaircraft gun shoot at the planes, but the boat gets a hole.

With the damaged ship people jumping into the water, sit in the boat.

Traces of bullets. "Panay" sinking.

Norman Ellen removes plaque from the boat.

Escaped the Americans come ashore.

The boat leans to one side and sank.

The Chinese are injured.

The wounded on the ground, providing them with medical care.

Seriously injured bear on a stretcher, they help the Chinese soldiers.

Stopping in the Chinese countryside.

Holidays, the doctor examines the wounded.

Then they are transported in boats.

The British ship takes the wounded on board.

The arrival of other American vessels.

The team is holding a life preserver with "Panay".

Coffins of dead people

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