Mogutli animals think? (1938)

Documentary №66090, 2 parts, black-white
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:Fric Hejdenrajh /Fritz Heydenreich/
Camera operators:Erihgans Forster

Reel №1


Experiments on animals and insects to separate their conscious activity and instinct.

Experience with a frog.

Before her twist drum with alternating black and white stripes, it begins to follow the white stripe.

Close-up of the human eye.

Turtle missing piece of food suspended on a string.

Cat thrown from a height, it lands on four legs.

Chaotic motion of the simplest in the aquarium.

Lamp lights up, they rush into the light.

Cancer, his mustache, construction, food entering the scheme.

Ants, getting on with a bunch of needles begin to carry them and build an anthill, lay eggs.

Worm crawls through a tube, is divided into two.

One hole is closed, a worm crawling on a free.

Key words

Germany, science, scientists, insects, animals

Reel №2


Toy maze on it let the mouse, it finds its way to the food.

Mouse finds its way to the food in the drawers, which are changing signs.

Experience with a chicken.

A man cuts the grid, behind which is the chicken and spread to the grid grain.

Chicken can not find the exit.

Dog in the same situation, quickly find a way out.

Monkey, without taking food paw, immediately out of the cage for food.

Memory and intelligence in chimpanzees.

Before three monkey cap, put under one food.

The man removes a monkey playing with it, then brings to the table, overturns monkey cap, but the food is no longer there.

Perplexed face monkey, she turns the table in search of food.

Key words

Germany, science, scientists, animals, birds,

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