Night mail. (1936)

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Director: Bezil Rajt,Garri Uott

Operators: Dzhons,Foul

Reel №1


A documentary about the communication service on British railways.

Newspapers, letters and telegrams.

Early in the morning postmen spread their destinations.

However, before getting into the postman's bag, correspondence should be done a long way on the railways


With a high speed train rushing.

Sped by crawlers.

Each train - a mail wagon.

People working here at night to deliver the mail in the morning


Composition sweeps past a small farm.

Her master is looking at the clock, around the railway line.

It sweeps up, and the newspaper falls at his feet.

How many people like the farmer waits for the mail route from London to Glasgow ...

With great speed rushing train.

A special device helps to reset the course and receive mail


Bag mail, which should take the postal car, hung on a hook mounted on a mast rail, a special device removes the bag from the lever, throwing her into the car, and hangs up on him a bag of mail destined for local post offices


Train Station.

On the platform are carrying huge sacks of mail delivered just arrived by train


Liaison Office.

Here take urgent telegrams, letters.

On the platform carrying bags of mail.

To one of the train approaches the platform.

While e-mail is loaded wagon, its employees have a rest in the station cafe

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Reel №2


The train will lead the new engine, but unlike drivers, postal workers of the car is still a whole night of heavy and monotonous labor


The train goes to Holyhead.

Behind the station.

Flashed factories, mines - a typical English landscape.

It's getting dark.

The train rushes past plants illuminated by bright light.

Meanwhile, the serving wagon mail letters are laid out in the bags, each of which is attached to the cell.

Each cell - a town, and you have to hurry, to have time to sort through all the letters sacs before the train passes by the first of these points.

Someone preparing a mailing bag.

Someone is drinking tea.

They brought another bag of letters, and all over their busy sorting


Approaching the first point where you have to take and throw a bag of mail.

Some one, after waiting the required time, down a metal lever with a bag, and a moment later she was hanging on the mast, and attached to the car wall is grid bag with new mail.

More and more bags into the grid.

Back in the car sort the letters.

Rapidly flashing wire wheels of the locomotive, landscapes

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Reel №3


The booth operator rests exhausted fireman.

Everything is quieter and quieter train.

Tranquil landscape slowly replace each other.

Again with great speed rushing zheleznodorodzhnye compositions.

Flashed locomotives, converging and diverging tracks, factories, cities full of mail bags and nets



Train Station.

New change prepares locomotives for the new flight

Key words

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