Day of German art. (1937)

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Director: Gans Ertlj

Reel №1


Celebration of the Day of German Art in Munich.

Munich surroundings with mountains, valleys, rivers, settlements.

View of Munich from the top.

Cathedrals, bell tower, city clock with figures Gothic cathedral.


Outdoor hanging banners and flags with Nazi symbols.


Parade RAD soldiers with shovels.

Munich Museum of Painting and Sculpture on the wall plate: Paul Ludwig Trust / 1878-1934 /.

Bust of Hitler's quote from his speech about art.

Columns at the entrance, a wide staircase.

Honor guard at the museum building.

Are the units with the standard of the soldiers in the ranks along the building.

The arrival of Hitler and Goering to the exhibition, they climb the stairs

Key words

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Reel №2


Halls of the museum, glass ceilings.

Individual exhibits: paintings and sculpture.

Bas-boy taming a horse.

Pictures: soldier, wounded warrior.


Paintings depicting Hitler: he was at a meeting of the party, the portrait of the Fuhrer.

Pictures showing the construction of Nazi Germany: construction, agricultural work.

Portraits of the workers and peasants, landscapes, still lifes.


Sculptures: Boy on a Dolphin, mother and child.

Sailors, pilots, soldiers in the pictures.


Hitler leaves the museum building.

The people welcomed him

Key words

Germany, Museum, art, sculptures, Gos.deyateli, personalities, Hitler, people

Reel №3


Costumed procession on the streets of Munich.

Costumes characterize the different periods of the historical past of Germany.

They're coming riders with bugles in their hands, dressed in ancient costumes.

Knights on horseback.

They are holding the flags with the swastika.

The carts with models: old boat, emblems.

The model with the image of the sun.

Go girl dressed in white.

Passing carts, canopies over them.

Layouts locks.

On wagons strung vintage gobeliny.

Knights and ladies.

Monument woman unicorn

Key words

Germany, Museum, art, monuments, festivities