The dominant river (Lord - Danube). (1943)

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Director: Uljrih Kajzer

Operators: Karl Kurcmajer

Reel №1


Danube Delta in winter.

A woman with a yoke goes to the river to fetch water, picking it out of the hole.

Fishermen hit a square hole and set Swasti, pull the network with the fish.

The boat breaks the ice, walking along the river.

Zasnedzhennye mountains, a large waterfall in the mountains.

Danube bottled spring.

Flood flooded Romanian village.

The villagers make their way home in the boats, trafficked family to a safe place.

Storks in nests on the roofs


Water birds in the reeds of the Danube Delta: cranes, herons, ibises, pelicans and their chicks.

Turtle crawls to the water.

On a branch coiled snake.

Nest with eggs in the bushes.

Only in July, drops water, the village exempt from water.

A shepherd leads a flock of sheep

Key words

Germany, river, natural phenomena, floods, farmers, mountains, water transport, fishermen, fish, waterfall Germany, birds, animals, snakes, farmers, domestic animals

Reel №2


Farmers sailing boat, looking to bare shore.

People are repairing their homes.

Begin agricultural work.

Plowing on not quite dried out land.

Hand seeding.

Fields of corn, sunflowers, watermelons melon field.

Children eating watermelon.

Tobacco plantations, women tear off leaves, dried them on strings.

Cleaning of grapes in basket.

A woman rides on a donkey with a basket.

Home loom, woman weaves rug.

Fishermen repairing nets.

Hang cured fishes on a string.

Fish catch in baskets.

Eviscerated large fishes are formed on the gun carriages.

A shepherd leads a flock of sheep along the coast.

At the beginning of the river navigation, are ships, barges.

Port gruzchii carried on the backs of the bags, pour grain into the hold of the ship.

Twilight on the Danube

Key words

Germany, river, peasants, agriculture, pets, water transport, fishermen, fish, food, children, women, craft, port