German styles in architecture. (1933)

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Romanesque style of 10-13 centuries.

The ruins of the castle.

Romanesque architecture is austere, fortress character.

The building is located in the high places.

Churches were decorated with paintings and reliefs, depicting the powerful deities, as well as fairy tales, animal and plant images.

Interior view of church


Gothic, 13-16 centuries.

Leading architectural type became a cathedral.

Frame system allowed to create an unprecedented height cathedrals, penetrate the walls of huge windows with multicolored stained-glass windows.

Striving upward osbora expressed giant openwork towers, lancet windows and portals, statues curved, complex patterns.

Kafederalny Cathedral

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Renaissance 16-17 centuries.

The transition from medieval culture to the culture of modern times.

Distinctive features: the secular nature, appeal to the cultural heritage of antiquity.

The architecture began to play a leading role secular buildings, public buildings, palaces and town houses.

An order division walls, arched galleries, colonnades, domes give buildings a majestic clarity, harmony and proportionality of the person


Baroque, 17-18 centuries.

Palace, lush decor.

Sculptures cupids.

Fountain with sculptures.

Galleries, passages, stairs.

Sanssouci as an example of Baroque.

Palace inside, huge chandeliers, painted svody.19 century.

Along with the old forms appear new.

Urban buildings, 1933.

The architectural style of Nazi Germany, is characterized by monumentality, clear lines, colonnade.

Sculptural Nazi eagle

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