Guarantee German life. (1937)

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Reel №1


The film is mounted in chronicling Goering performances.

Speech by Goering on the 2nd four-year plan for a large gathering in Berlin.

The aisle of the hall are Goering, Goebbels.

Goring on the podium, a stage decorated with Nazi symbols.

In the hall among Hess listeners.

Goering's speech is interrupted by splashes of staff of the national economy Germany: sowing and plowing, factories, work processes.

Military equipment at the parade


Arriving in Berlin Italian Minister Count Ciano.

The meeting, the laying of wreaths at the pantheon of the fallen fighters.

A visit to the Ministry of Aviation to Goering.

Honor guard, the Italian case "Federico Gvella".

The meeting with Goering


Fundraising assistance for winter in Berlin.

Goering, Goebbels, Hess was among the crowd with mugs in their hands.

Hess smiles.

Goering thanks for pozhertovovanie


Children's Christmas party.

Goering and his wife visiting children.

Performance of children with representation on the stage.

Goring takes the stage, delivers a speech.

Goering and his wife handed out gifts to children

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Reel №2


Goering Birthday greetings / '44 /.

Playing a military band.

Goering in a white tunic.

Children give flowers, birthday kiss.

it Hering


Parade on the occasion of the appointment of Goering head parts SS.Stoyat soldiers with the standard of parts.

Göring stands in an open car, taking hits


Agricultural Exhibition in Berlin on 29 January to 7 February 1937.

The pavilions of the exhibition.

Hall, the exhibition opening.

Story osldat RAD with shovels, Himmler.

Speech by Goering.

Exemplary economy: barn, pigsty, landscape model, the smithy


Goering's visit to Italy.

The meeting with Mussolini in Rome.

The laying of wreaths.

Parade before Goering and Mussolini's fascists are young.

Goering in Naples, posters about the visit Goering at the scene.

motorcade sent to the palace of the Crown Prince.

Goering and the Crown Prince on the palace balcony, the crowd welcomed them.

Gulf of Naples, on a boat Goering sent to the island of Capri.

People in national costumes greet guests.

Goering at a local restaurant.

Folk dances.

Visit Aerodynamic Institute.

Goring on the tarmac inspecting the Italian aircraft.

Aircraft performing aerobatics


Goering and Polish President Mustsitsky in the hunting estate of Goering.

They are on the hunt for wolves.

After hunting sit in the sleigh ride through the snow to the estate

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