A Report From Northern Vietnam. (1968)

Documentary №6621, 2 parts, duration: 0:20:23
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:Artseulov O.
Camera operators:Artseulov O., Petrosov R.
Composers:Stikhin E.
Anouncers:Khlebnikov A.
Text authors:Serbin A.


The film is about heroic working days of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, about peer assists of the Soviet Union to Vietnamese people, about fight with American aggressors.

Temporary description:

The soldiers of the Vietnam People's Army hit anti-aircraft guns on U.S. military aircraft, the type of streets of Hanoi during the air raid. The inhabitants of the city are hiding in bomb shelters, drop shot down an American plane, people dismantle the ruined building, assisting the wounded, are a captive American pilot. A general view of Hanoi: the builders to restore the destroyed buildings, passing through the streets of rickshaws and cyclists. Children's festival in Hanoi. The fire in Haiphong - the seaport of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. Loading and unloading in port. The harvest of rice farmers.

Reel №1

The stairs in the building goes up, leaning on a crutch, the prisoner Major Air Force Richard Eugene Smith shot down over Hanoi, he's sitting in a room - different.

The other captured American naval aviator James Bond Stockdale, shot down over Thanh Hoa enters the building - LS., He's asleep - CU. (Both the pilot in a prison clothes).

Documents captured Smith - MS.

Photos of dead pellet bombs - CU.

Pellet bombs on display at the Museum of Hanoi - MS., CU.

Air raid, flying American aircraft - LS.

Calculations antiaircraft batteries put on themselves armor and helmets made of rice straw, took the guns - CU., LS.

Hanoi street during an air-raid - LS. driven from rice field running women with children - LS.

Fired anti-aircraft guns - LS.

Due to an explosion in the air - LS., MS.

Residents in shelters, manholes - different.

Fired anti-aircraft gunners - MS., CU.

Reduced stricken American aircraft - LS.

Spectators watch from shelters - CU.

Children in shelters - CU.

Falls downed American aircraft - LS.

PNRM. the burning plane - CU.

-Clear alarm - residents leave asylum - LS., MS.

Rickshaw wheeling wounded - LS., MS.

American missile destroyed an exploding building.

Women excavated ruins - LS., MS.

Wounded - CU., PNRM.

Bandaged hands - CU.

Bloody hat - CU.

In the ruined house is a boy, were left homeless and without a family.

Ruined temple sculptures of gods among the ruins - LS., CU.

Sign an unexploded bomb.

Residents to sign.

Is a detachment of sappers.

Lights downed American aircraft - MS., PNRM.

Lead captive American pilot Lieutenant Commander Navy USA Peter Shoufella - LS.

Wreckage of the plane in a rice field - LS.

Children fish out of water the wreckage - LS., MS.

Wreckage of the plane in a boat near the studio, where the Vietnamese make these fragments souvenirs and household items (combs, ashtrays, figurines, etc.).

Streets of Hanoi: a poster, showing the number of downed U.S. aircraft, men read newspapers, girls with guns behind passing on bicycles, are soldiers, men removed from the yard debris, sprinkler washes out on the streets selling and transportation of flowers.

Reel №2

Report on Hanoi: Pedicabs wheeling baskets of fruits and vegetables, etc., masons rebuild the wall of a ruined house, the girls are passing on bicycles.

Lady hairdresser.

Cyclists on the streets.

Preparing for a children's holiday Chung-Thu: selling various masks, children make masks - different.

Children's party, was shot in the village: children in masks, with toys, dancing children.

Pass girls - LS.

A boy with a fishing rod on the lake.

Lake in the evening.

Sitting on the shores of Lake boy and a girl.

The people at the lake.

Haiphong port, sailing boats on the water - LS.

Fire in Haiphong, burning warehouses - CU., PNRM.

Extinguish a fire rescue teams - different.

Port of Haiphong, the Soviet ships in the port - LS., MS.

Loading tea, bananas on the Soviet ship - LS.

Soviet ship unloading (tractors, pipes) - MS., CU.

Soviet sailor with a bouquet of flowers - MS.

Departure of the Soviet ship - MS., LS.

Pierce - LS. with movement

Cloudy sky - LS., PNRM.

Rotates on its axis missile - MS.

Rice field.

Spinning wheel with metal pipes through which water is delivered to the field - LS., CU.

Harvesting rice in a field - LS., MS.

Peasants work, holding his arms back - MS., CU.

Pyramid rifles in the field - MS.

Burning jungle and farmhouses - LS., PNRM., MS.

People run for water.

Weeping women with children.

Vietnamese students in the classroom - drawing lesson.

Children's drawings - CU.

One girl was injured because of the right hand draws the left - CU.

Boy, whose parents died - CU.

Children's drawings of the war - MS.

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