Restoration of paintings. (1939)

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Director: Gans Kyurlis /Hans Curlis/

Operators: Valjter Tyurk

Reel №1


The building of the German Museum in Berlin.

Rooms with paintings and sculptures.

A man comes to the picture of Charles Shpitsveba "The poor poet" observes her traces of mold.

In the newspaper article about the beginning of the restoration of this painting.

Restorer examines under the microscope picture brush cleans the surface layer.

Details show the stages of the restoration of paintings.

Restoration of the painting of the Renaissance Madonna.

Cleaning millimeter by millimeter.

X-ray Laboratory, Professor Walt examines picture with Madonna.

A device makes a negative for the detection of defects.

Key words

Germany, Museum, art, restoration, personalities, laboratory

Reel №2


Exotic Mask from the museum collection.

The masks are placed on the shelves in the chamber for disinfection.

Chemical Laboratory.

Professor Brittner receives from the excavations various cultural items, figurines, sprinkles their chemical solution.

Exhibits in the hall under the glass.

Restoration of ancient inscriptions on Egyptian scrolls.

Scrolls in a very bad condition, they are placed in the solution of glycerol and straighten paper.

Box with Papyrus, turned into dust.

Professor examines Egyptian mummy, a death mask and a shroud.

Restoring the Assyrian cuneiform.

Hall with suits of armor.

Boy examines armor, touching their hand, minister berates him and shows fingerprints.

Armor in the laboratory, they are cleaned, polished.

Armor in the hall.

Key words

Germany, Museum, art, restoration, personalities, laboratory, sculpture