The pilots of the sea. (1939)

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Director: Martin Rikli /Martin Rikli/

Operators: Ervin Blik-Vagner /Erwin Bleeck-Wagner/

Reel №1


Students rowing in a large boat, fly over them 3 seaplane.

Sailing ship, sailors climb on the ropes on the yards.

The boat is transported by seaplane to shore.

The airfield for aircraft.

At the command of an officer serving signalers flags signs.

Seaplane over the water.

Pilot shows details of his helmet.

Study Morse code radio operators.

Classes on the astrolabe, compass, radio.

Students in the audience of radio waves prepodavaetl explains the principle of operation.

Pilots in the air receive messages over the radio.

The scheme aiming at the target aircraft.


Accompanying the ship with a seaplane on board.

Pilot is preparing for the flight, putting on a parachute.

Safety equipment, which Blagodyarya pilot, dropping by parachute into the sea, can stay in the water for several hours.

Catapult to launch seaplane and shells.

Seaplane with bombs and torpedoes, loaded into boats.

Luftwaffe officers rest at the table.

The maneuvers of marine and air fleets.

The pilots in the cockpit, the aircraft in the clouds.

The shooter in an open niche.

The headquarters is receiving messages from the reconnaissance aircraft.

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Reel №2

Because of staff receives a call in the barracks, the alarm sounds.

Pilots run out of the Barracks, run up to the aircraft.

The officer gives the task to pilots.

Aircraft over the sea.

Battle cruiser goes forward, the captain on the bridge, looking through binoculars.

Alarm, sailors flee to places charge a gun, put on gas masks.

With jet aircraft allowed gas to the ships.

Court Gas clubs.

The bombing of a submarine and ships.

Explosions in the water.

Flying airplanes, them being fire from the cruiser.

fly torpedo explosions from air to water.

Aircraft perform maneuvers in the air, turns the shooter fires his machine gun.

At the headquarters of transmitting the order to maneuver the end.

seaplane squadron returned to base.

Key words

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