A.1. in Lloyd. (1941)

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Director: Raljf Bond

Operators: Dzho Yago

Reel №1


On the insurance company and the phone company "Lloyd" by the sea, the signalman with flags on the roof, the vehicle transmits a message to the sea, the station asked to provide data on the ship.

On the phone, a message arrives in London to register the service is recorded in the files of the whereabouts of the ships.

The main building of the company, guarding the door, check the documents in the inbox.

A service space with tables for partitions.

Employees receive messages by phone


At sea, the ship "Armadillo".

Company conducts inspection of ships, starting with the construction.

Doc, scaffolding, hull, check the strength of metal, ship launching.

OpenCards company card on the ship "Armadillo", the house insurance policy.

The port is loading a ship, it is in flight.

Map of South America, the line goes from Valparaiso, skirts the southern tip, across the Atlantic Ocean in Balboa.

Card file, there is the passage of the ship.

The ship enters the storm and did not arrive at the port on time.

Powered Telegraph, it is a message about the ship's disappearance.

In the insurance companies follow the messages.

Ship out in calm water, the men with ropes, repairing sails.

Meeting with the escort.

The building company employee rings the bell at the news of the death of the ship.

In the sea there is a convoy commander looks through binoculars.

Building a signal station, raising flags.

Ships in the port.

Ships at sea

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