American youth. (1940)

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Reel №1

USA. Students in college.

Young people on holiday by the river, some hugging, some riding in the boat, sitting on the bank.

Young soldiers descend the ladder to the ship.

All on duty, the soldiers go through the communication trenches.

Students with books coming out of college, there are groups.

Night illuminated advertising, dancing in the dance hall, rock 'n' roll.

Young people in the sport, boxing, football, tennis.

A sign of the club, dancing.

Mickey Rooney and Deanna Durbin at the table.

The American fleet. youth studying aeronautics.

Young pilots in the ranks.

Young sailors give the oath.

The scenes in the national youth club.

Demonstration of young people with an appeal to Congress.

Washington, on the podium, she stands in front of the youth.

Eleanor Roosevelt among girls.

President Roosevelt at the government building of the floor


Connecticut Avenue, the building official.

Room, people dismantled the book.

Title: "New zhiznt American youth?" The meeting of the commission on education.

The Chairman said the problems.

Office file cabinet on affairs with young people on the themes: work, politics, school, etc.

USA. Young couple in a room reading a comic book, "Flash Gordon".

The café go girls at the tables, young people drink beer.

A couple kissing in the car.

Card Index Commission, the card: a large income.

Example-Carolyn Snite.

Rich home, family dines at the table.

Carolyn chooses evening gown, goes to a party with friends.

The label: "college".

Sample-Harold King.

College going students are engaged in the classroom.

Harold earns in a cafe washer for study payment.

The sign on the door: "The employment service" comes to young people.

Young people in the pool, boxing classes, basketball

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Reel №2

USA. Ballroom, Larry Slembera orchestra advertising at the entrance, youth dances.

The label: "White-collar workers." example - James Williams.

Young people studying in the reading room of the economy.

James, along with two friends rented a room.

Card: "The Farm."

Example - Walter Crane.

On pasture grazing horses.

Walter cleans horse comes into the cellar, the mother puts on the shelf banks with pickles.

Plowing horses.

In the evening at a dance at the club.

Card: "Semi-".

Example - Carl Koslik.

He learns the carpenter's workshop.

In the evening, he goes to the cafe, meets girl, they dance.

Carl in the classroom.

Card: "Unemployed".

Example - Warren Harper.

The boy gets up in the morning, dress, walking down the street, comes to the stock exchange, is written, is unemployed with the same guys on the street.

Young criminals.

Scenes in tyure, walk arrested, they were in the chamber

SSHA.V Commission office in card SSHA.V rustic youth camp, youth comes to trucks, engaged in useful work.

Girls go into the building N.A.M. / National Youth Association / work in the workshops.

Design office, youth to the drawing board.

Classes sculpture, girls sew.

Posters of the labor groups.

Building N.A.M., the conversation with young people.

Interest clubs: play checkers.

Boys Club in Hollywood, playing football.

Scout Troop in the room discussing the case.

Young people expressed their views on religion, marriage, career.

The young man goes past a wall with a huge banner: "The future belongs to the youth."

Those young people.

Two young men with suitcases Hitchhiking

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