The people of the Saar faithful Empire. (1933)

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Reel №1


Newsreel plots.

The train arrives in Niederwald.

The crowd in the square near the monument at the rally.

Hitler of the floor in the building.

A huge crowd pulls his hands in a Nazi salute / 150,000, of whom 80,000 are messengers from the Saar /.

Hitler says that there are three ways to Saarland: accession to France, autonomy and the return to the Reich.

Acceptable last t.e.prisoedinenie Saar region to Germany.

People shouting accompanies it.

Sounds anthem


Meeting in Berlin Lyustgartene directed against Versailles.

Deputy Speaker of the Landtag Görlitz.

The slogan: "We want an independent existence from Versailles."

Top view of the square with a huge crowd of people / 200 000 /


The airship "Graf Zeppelin" flies in the Saar region in relation sign between Germany and the Saar.

Airship in the sky, he falls in Saarbrucken.

The crowd on the field.

The commander of the airship looks out the window, his tray flowers.

The airship returns

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Reel №2


Holiday in the mountains of Germany, in Bergen for the workers.

Countryside, national holiday, women in national costumes.

Tables on the street, people eat


Sporting test aircraft in Hanover in 1933.

Aircraft on the field, PNRM. Machinery.


The pilot of the plane Zaydeman



Young Germans obuuchayutsya maritime professions.

Young sailors in the form of marching down the street.

Perform exercises with signal flags.

Learn Morse code, familiarity with the sextant.

Guys knit knots, rowing large boats


Reyhsyustitskomissar Dr.

Frank, Reich Minister Dr.

Goebbels, Prof.


Bruns appears in the hall of the Academy of Sciences for the National Socialist policy and the performance of work on the four-year plan


German film actors George Alexander, Ursula Rake, Brigitte Helm, Lotta Lorring Hans Shtyuve, Luis Trenker, Emma von treshka distribute lottery tickets in favor of building a "New Germany".

construction of roads and buildings Footage

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