Beauty work (1936)

Documentary №66268, 2 parts, black-white
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:Sven Noljdan /Sven Noldan/

Reel №1


Propaganda films glorifying the organization of work on the production of Hitler.


Summer day, a birch grove, field.

Along the path are a pair.

Via float in the boat, a man rowing in a kayak.

Two come with backpacks, tourists on bikes, a couple swimming in the kayak.

People bathe in the river, near the shore sits a fisherman with a fishing rod.

They sleep on the grass man, girl.

Wheels train gaining momentum



Factory shop dogilerovskogo period.

Gloomy, dark shop, cluttered floor.

Young worker tries to remove any dust from the window.

Broken windows.

Stoker throws into the furnace coal.

The noise from working stankov.12 pm, peerryv for lunch.

Working on-site eating food brought from home.

Filthy courtyard Plant.

Woman eating at the workplace.

Working drinks water from the tap.

Work is reading a newspaper.

Title: "The beauty of the work," discuss the article

Key words

Germany, canal, water transport, tourists, river, recreation, fishermen, women, railway
Germany, industry, workers, women, the press

Reel №2


Workers clean out debris in the shop, clean and wash the windows, the roof, tables, doors.

Paint the walls.

Go out into the yard with shovels, scavenge


The new factory building.

A worker walks past the pond with water lilies, the flower beds to shop.

On the wall of the swastika and the year-date 1934.

The new facility, spacious and bright.

Poles for work tools are on the clean cloth.

Corner with sink, lined with tiles, trash cans.

Photo Hitler stene.12 hours, break for lunch.

Women in the washroom.

Teens give milk in bottles.

The dining room for the workers, they eat a hot meal.

Relax in the break, people sit en benches, play sports.

Playing football, physical education classes.

Shower and bathroom after school.

The workers returned to work.

Work machines.

Young men with shovels go in the wasteland of the plant, dig a pit for a swimming pool.

Swimming in the pool.

the plant type

Key words

Germany, industry, work, accomplishment
Germany, industry, work, recreation, sports, football, photo, Hitler, woman, construction, swimming pool, food, youth

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