Mussolini in Germany. (1937)

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Reel №1


Arrival Mussolnii in Munich.

The train approaches the platform, Mussolni Hitler meets, they are decorated in the station square, bypass the guard of honor.

Troop leaders welcomed Hitler Youth.

Directions Hitler and Mussolini in a car through the streets of Munich by cheering crowds.

Hitler and Mussolini on the balcony greeting the crowd below.

Visiting the memorial with an eternal flame, the laying of wreaths on the graves of those killed during the Nazi Beer Hall Putsch.

Crown of Mussolini, a tape with an inscription.

Hitler and Mussolini, accompanied by Hess and Ciano.

The leaders are taking hits of different types of troops


Hitler and Mussolini on the maneuvers of the Army.

Military delegation in the location of one of the parts, they are met by the generals.

Mussolini watching with binoculars for the piloting of aircraft and tank maneuvers.

Bombing the target.

Goering talking with Hitler


Berlin meets Mussolini.27 sentyabrya.vstrecha at the station.

Mussolini bypass a guard of honor, are Italian troops.

Mussolini and Hitler, standing in the car, drive through the streets of Berlin.

View of the road on top


Duce visiting Goering in his estate Karinhall in Schorfheide.

Bypass honor guard.

Girls give Duce flowers.

Among the guests present Hitler's governor in Poland, Frank, Himmler and others.

Goring presents Mussolini flask.

Circle ladies closeup wife Goering.

Guests with emotion looking at the little lion cub walking across the yard.

Goering's wife takes it in his arms and kisses, guests smile

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Reel №2


Berlin, along the road crowds.

Detachments of military marching to the stadium.

Hitler goes to the podium, speaking with rechyu.

PNRM. the crowd.

Flags with the swastika.


It's about friendship with Italy.

Lowered night spotlights are lit.

Hitler descends from the podium

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Reel №3


The crowd in the stadium.

Mussolini speaks German with a speech response.

Standard of troops.

Those people

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Reel №4


Continued speech Mussolini, he descends from the podium, comes with Hitler down the aisle.

The orchestra.

Hitler and Mussolini talking on the podium.

Soldiers come with torches in their hands, the two sides diverge.

The soldiers and sailors in the ranks.

A minute of silence at the eternal flame in the pantheon.

Laying a wreath of Mussolini, he salutes, goes out of the pantheon.

After the ceremony, the Fuhrer and Duce travel down the street in a car pass by the Brandenburg Gate.

Parade begins.

Pass congratulations sailors, soldiers, cavalry.

They're coming tanks, artillery, mechanized infantry

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