The regional party congress of East Prussia. (1938)

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Director: V.Shejnemann,Georg Radau /W.Scheunemann,Georg Radau/

Reel №1


East Prussia, PNRM. on areas with fields, forests and river.

The village is on the shore.

Stork in its nest.

Thickets of water, far seen a windmill.

On the grass is elk.

Moose with calf in the forest, eats branches.

The wind stirs the grass.

Boats near the shore.

Fishermen pulling a boat, on the shore of hung net.

The waves beat against the shore


City and port Kenigsberg.

PNRM. by port, sailing ships, barzhi.razgruzochnye of the port crane carries the bags into the hold, loading crates, drums.

The old warehouse on the banks, loads VVER raised using a winch.

Brick old houses on the beach.

Horses with heavy-duty loads.

Go trolley to the ground.

Steel structures, pipes, scaffolding.

Reflections on the water.

Raised on a boat anchor


Raised with a swastika flag, fluttering in the wind banners.

The streets of Konigsberg, decorated with Nazi symbols, flags.

Sights of the city, beautiful buildings, towers, lattice patterned.

University name embossed on the wall of Immanuel Kant, who was a professor here.

Ancient fortress, church bells ringing sounds.

The building with statues of lions at the entrance.


Pamtyanik governor Konigsberg.

View of the city from the bell tower


The opening of the Regional Congress of the National Socialist Party in East Prussia.

The meeting room, the aisle marching soldiers with weapons.

On the wall of the Nazi eagle and swastika dates: 1928-1938. The generals and officials are held in the Congress building.

It Gauleiter Koch, which is illustrated by the staff of the 1st World War.

Attack of soldiers, explosions, falling dead

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Reel №2


Continued speech and show chronicles.

Photo of soldiers of the 1st World War.

The crosses on the soldiers' graves.

Koch says about National Socialism.

Koch produces award-winning military officers.

Continued speech.

The plow is stuck in the ground.

Nazi eagle.

fly planes in the sky.

A swastika view of the column of troops marching march.

Led system is Rudolf Hess with the generals.

Standart NSDAP.Gess prinmat parade, a speech.

Standard with the names of regions: Mazury, Memel, Allenstein, and others.

It sounds faashistsky anthem.

The building of the Pantheon with statues of soldiers, guards at the entrance.

Parade of troops on the streets.

Hess with the generals on the podium taking hits.

Watch the residents of the city, close-ups of people soldat.igraet military band.

Go young fascists with banners.

Koh on the platform.

Go RAD Soldiers with shovels

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Reel №3


Hess drove past the crowd in an open car.

His welcome, pulled his hands.

Congress building.

In the hall of the aisle are units with the standard of zanmenami and on stage.

Goebbels on the podium, his speech at the session of the Congress.

After the speech went on stage, shaking hands with Koch, putting on his coat.

Goebbels out of the building and went to the car


Folk gulniya and entertainment in the park of culture and recreation.

People on the rides, swings, roller coaster, carousel.

Performing artists before the public.

Tightrope walker walking on a tightrope between two high protyanotomu shestami.gulyayut family with children.

Speech trainer with lions.

Clap your hands children.

Speech by Dr.

Leah at the opening of a new theater stage.

Speaker ballet troupe with a waltz

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Reel №4


The ballet on the stage.

National dance.

In the hall with tables with refreshments, the audience eating and looking at the scene.

Parade aircraft.

Hess generals go to the stadium.

Pard athletes.

Mass exercises at the stadium.

Girls with gimnatsicheskimi exercises.

Presentation of young fascists.

The guys put up tents, showing a scene of struggle troops.

Dancing girls with flags in their hands, lead dances.

Girls in long white dresses at the stadium dancing waltz


He plays and sings a military band.

Torchlight procession at dusk.

Swastika, decorated with torches.

The youths with torches are suitable to the fire and throw him into torches, then wreaths.

Ran two athletes with torches on the field.

Lights symbolic koster.

PNRM. around town

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