kitchen Wonders. (1943)

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Director: Martin Rikli

Operators: Kurt Shtanke

Reel №1


A woman prepares a big plate production.

Start kneading the dough.

He wants to determine which boiled egg and a fresh.

Twists 2 eggs on a plate.

Boiled spinning longer.

Cuts eggs, indicating that it has. really cooked.


The physical phenomena that occur when cooking in the kitchen.

Secrets of boiling and cooking.

Experiment: The surface of the water in the cup is put a match, twist the cup, the match remains in place.

Woman includes an electric kettle.

Transparent vessel of boiling water, coming from the bottom of the air bubbles.

Water boils at 100 degrees.

Climber in the mountains, snow and ice on the rocks.

Driving of ice.

Unit -1 atmosphere, it is equal to 1 kg per cm.

In boiling water 100 atmospheres in the mountains 0.5 atmospheres.

Skiers in the campaign, boil water in a pot.


The woman closes the jars of jam.

Scheme pressure on the cap jars.

The role of air for preparing dough.

Woman cooking dumplings.

Scheme air bubbles in the dough.

The champagne glass is lowered peach, pinned him.

Peach turns into bubbles.

Water drops - they evaporate and fall.

Drops on a hot plate.

Woman stroking underwear, trying to iron.

From the crane falls drop / shot RAPIDE /, then the jet.

Falling drops of water.

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