Where East Meets West (Between two worlds). (1931)

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SShA.Entografichesky film on the Malay Peninsula.

Singapore-romantic seaport in the Middle East.

The ships anchored near the shore.

Floats big boat, laden with bags, it is controlled by the pole, starting from the bottom, swim under the bridge.

One can see the numerous bridges.

View of Singapore.

The street running rickshaws, cars are going.

The traffic controller attached to a back board.

The carriage, drawn by two oxen.

From the windows of the poles sticking with the laundry.

In the window board with painted Mickey Mouse and characters.


A man climbs a ladder on the lantern lights it with a match.

Port, next to the American steamer scurry locals canoeing.

They jump into the water for the coins that they drop from the ship passengers.

Two Maltsov playing ping pong with two canoes

SShA.Politsiya consisting of Malians and Chinese.

Story police with weapons near the red building with domes and towers.

Police marching.

Sakaytsy, ancient inhabitants of the peninsula, drove Malians in the jungle.

Several people swimming on a long canoe while standing on the rough river.

Women stand in the water with dishes in hand, washed sand.

Sail boat with goods.

Settlement sakaytsev.

American cameraman with a camera among residents.

They are very small in stature.

The operator treats them with cigarettes, smoking, both men and women.

Total sakaytsev meal around the campfire.

Sakaytsev Dancing, dancing men and women beat the rhythm with sticks.

From bamboo tubes are made for shooting.

On the palm of paper with target sakaytsy shoot the target with arrows of tubes

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