To the east of the Vistula is an excellent Danzig. (1934)

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Director: Gans Vyusteman /Hans Wustemann/

Reel №1


The film is constructed in the form of a story about the trip of the winner of the competition of swimming in Berger Hilda city of Danzig.

Hilde wins competitions Berlin - Danzig, she handed the cup and diploma.

As a reward for her arranged an excursion to the city of Danzig.

Aircraft firm Lufthansa.

Hilda at the airport, pass ticket and customs control along with the other passengers.

Passengers are in the plane, taking off, flying over Berlin, over the terrain flash by forests, the town.

Top view on Danzig, the city is among the many islands.

Westerplatte, a touchdown.

Hilda vtsrechaet elderly man guide, they ride in a car.

The old church and the monastery, "Oliva".

Park topiary.

outskirts of the city with the river and the houses on the shore


The streets of Danzig, old neighborhoods, gallery.

The medieval prison, the camera built into the wall of an iron ring.

Town Hall clock tower.

Ancient houses in the Renaissance style, sculptures and bas-reliefs on the facades.

Hilda settled at the Sopot resort.

In the morning on the beach, vacationers sunbathing, swimming, children are busy in the sand.

For Hilda comes guide.

Park Sopot resort.

They're at the racetrack watching the races.

View of the port from above the court at the shore, the tourist boat.

The water sports station.

Vacationers with children, the children play in the sand.

Hilda tours go to the fishing village.

Fisherman knits network

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Reel №2


Old fisherman.

Fishing village, windmill, church.

Household pictures, plowing.

At the shore hanging nets, boat stand.

The guide shows Hilde Dantsinga port.

Are the ships harbor cranes.

Old houses near the water, a warehouse, where the goods are lifted by a lag to a great height.

The fish market, is selling fish.


Hilda guided walk into The native tavern, drinking wine.

The bottle with the label of the local factory of liquors and wines


Hilda guided walk through the streets of Danzig.

The facade of the Historical Museum in the Renaissance style.

Ancient utensils, chest, utensils, coins, weights.

Kitchen with large oven and crockery standing on it.

The rooms of the house.

Hall with suits of armor, a dining room.

Various old buildings.

City Hall, exterior and interiors.

Kermicheskie tiles on the walls.

Gothic church, inside a spiral staircase with carved railings.

The main room, dining room.

Cabinet with the family dishes.

Music room with a piano and a harp.

Cathedral, old buildings.

PNRM. around town

Key words

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