The whole world is going to Leipzig. (1938)

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Director: Kurt Heljtug /Curt Heltug/

Operators: Franc Klejn

Reel №1


City of Leipzig, the traffic.

Leipzig Train Station - the biggest station in Europe.

train arriving passengers go to the platform.

Two men and fair-actors met at the train station, go to the restaurant, in a conversation admire the city.

Vintage picture of Leipzig.

Monument to Friedrich List.

Products industry and folk art in Leipzig.

Tools, pottery, wicker wine bottles, glass cups, toy trains


There is a real train, flashing rails.

Zheeleznodorozhnaya company of Leipzig October 10, 1938 satisfied the conference, attended by representatives of many countries.

Leaf calendar, January 10th, railway, water intake pipe.

Men have a master plan for the year 1937.

Typography, printed plan for 1938.

The building of the railway of the Board, the Chief of Cabinet, come to him with a report.

Preparation of the Leipzig railway to receive the goods.

Station, there are trains.

Freight cars in the depot, transport for cargo.

The room for the management of freight turnover

Key words

Germany, the city, attractions, railway, cinema, crafts, toys Germany, Conference, railroad, printing, machinery, household

Reel №2

Germaniya.3 March and the opening day of the fair.

Train Arriving by rail, ships in port.

The train is on the railway bridge.

Station Basel, wagon with a sign: Basel Leipzig.

Go freight and passenger trains.

The central control room service, check train schedules.

Robotized translation arrows.

The train approaches the platform.

Go passengers.

At the station, the swastika flag.

Customs officers check passengers belongings.

Scoreboard: "Credit Bank," people are in cash, issue of money.

Sale of tickets for the train.

From the looks of the car passenger with soapy cheeks, shaved


Scheme railways for trains.

City of Leipzig station.

The streets of the city, the traffic, the entrance to the tunnel.

Ride the trams, cars.

Industrial Exhibition.

The hall dedicated to the German railways.

Stand with photographs, models.

From the car goes Dorpmyuller Reich, sent to the exhibition, examines the exhibits.

Toy railway cash registers.

The restaurant at the station, she places an order.

The kitchen of the restaurant.

Arrival of the truck with the carcasses of meat, porters carry them, a lot of chicken carcasses.

Chefs cook in the kitchen.

Passengers at the buffet.

The train departs.

Postal wagon is loaded parcels, mail sorting letters.

Freight trains.

Movement by regions

Key words

Germany, railway, bridge, machinery, household, Gos.simvolika, customs, money Germany, railway exhibition Gos.deyateli, celebrities, food, transportation, restaurant, women, mail