The country is behind the dam. (1944)

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Director: Aljfred mervik /Alfred Merwick/

Operators: Aljfred Erhardt

Reel №1


The waves beat against the shore rocks.

Primorsky district, located on the peninsula eiderstedt.

Eyrershtedta Coat with three sailboats.

Fisherman walking on the shore by boat.

Many fishing sudenyshek.

Fishermen raise the sails, go to more.

PNRM. in the countryside, sloping field.

Woman drives two sheep.

A man walks through the shallow water, occasionally bends and fishing arms bears prey home.

Mortgage fish in a barrel for drying.

The crosses on the graves in the cemetery near the church.

Dates: 1924, 1930, 1941. It sounds a bell-ringer pulls the rope.

The girl goes to the river to fetch water.

Men with shovels going to go to the development of peat, peat layers are cut off, placed in carts, roll on rails.

Plowing horses.

He runs a flock of sheep, grazing bull, a horse.

On the cart ride a man with two boys.

Key words

Germany, Sea, island, water transport, sailboats, fishermen, fish farmers, children, women, hobbies, river, cemetery, monuments, churches

Reel №2


Two men with shovels are the muddy shore.


Woman milking a goat.

A man carries hay in the barn, closed the huge gate, they painted a picture of home, another gate with a silhouette of a horse.

The old lady knits on the needles in the room.

The man gets out of the drum dried fish.

Fishing vessels return home.

Endure baskets of fish, loaded into the machine.

The fisherman goes home.

Closes the window.

Key words

Germany, fishing, fishermen, fish, transport, women, farmers, the elderly, pets allowed