Skill on the water (with the wind and wave). (1935)

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Director: Dzhozef Dojlj,Rej Mak Keri /Joseph Doyle,Rau Mc Carey/

Reel №1

SShA.Planerizm in California.

By car, bring the glider.

The pilot sits in the open car, secures the straps, trying to wheel and pedals, the cockpit is closed.

Is more than one man pulling the glider is released to the hill, he flies.

The glider fulfills the dead loop.

Various tricks on a glider.

The airfield, the glider start using a moving car.

Glider in flight regard haystacks.

Glider flying over a tree, under the wires over the hangar.

Flying over the road, he picks up the dust in the air.

Glider over the sea, rolling in the sand.

The men decide to put in a friend's glider never flew it

Key words

USA, aeronautics, sea

Reel №2

SShA.Muzhchina frantically holding on to the steering wheel.

The glider launching from a hill.

In the air, glider flips the man drozht hand, he tries to get out of the cab.

The pilot, who was sitting behind him, we have to turn it off, banging the head.

The glider descends to earth, a man of vypozaet glider on shaky legs, falls on all fours, hands touching the ground

SShA.Po water racing boat.

Man on surfboard behind a boat.

Two men performing acrobatics on the surfboard.

Two men and a woman performing acrobatic number on the surfboard.

Three men are trying to make a pyramid on the board, but falling.

Racing yachts, points race, the fall of the athlete in the water.

His coming on board.

Three men are trying again to make a pyramid, are falling.

Dangerous driving on the board for the gliders.

On the blackboard girl at high speed it sweeps in dangerous proximity to the courts, on the parapet, close to a huge steamer, repelled by his hand.

Three men attempt to repeat once again the failure

Key words

USA, ballooning USA water transport, boat, sport, water tranpsort