Storm over China. (1937)

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About the Sino-Japanese War in 1937.

China on the map.

Peace China.

Rice field, the Chinese planted rice.

Is more than one man plucked feet water wheel for watering fields.

Eared wheat.

Tobacco Factory.

At the river couple sitting.

Japan's attack on China.

Because the mountains are flying Japanese planes, galloping cavalry, are warships.

Shanghai bombardment.

people running down the street.

The signalman on the ship waving flags, the ship fired a gun.

People flee into shelters.

Shooting and explosions in the city.

People trying to escape on ships.

On board the US flag.

Japanese planes over the city.

Go refugees with things.

Aerial view of Shanghai, explosions visible.

People go on foot, rickshaws, bicycles.

Women and the elderly with children.

The soldiers try to regulate the movement of the crowd.

A soldier carries a baby.

The onset of the Japanese infantry on the burning and the ruined city.

The soldiers fired a machine gun at the windows.

View from the plane on a burning city.

People walk along the river ford.

There is a train.

The bombardment continues.

Ran Japanese soldiers with the flag.

The soldiers try to extinguish the flames.

They carry stretchers with the wounded, the wounded children.

Japanese soldiers in the ruins of houses.

Outdoor burning cars.

Refugees wander down the road.

Lying dead horse.

Boned burned house.

Broken railway station.

Broken rails, bridge platform.

On the ground, sitting and crying child.

City in ruins.

lying dead

Key words

China, the war, the peasants, plants, mountains, air force, navy, population, refugees, Gos.simvolika, city, explosion, transport, soldiers, destruction, fire, wounded men, women, children, the elderly, pets, railway, bridge