Minister Goebbels speaks to Lyustgartene. (1933)

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Reel №1


It Reich Minister Dr.

Goebbels at the rally in Lyustgartene


Raising banners in Tempelhof.

Nazi rally in Tempelhof, are troops with banners


Opening room Horst Wessel and turning it into a museum.

Night Scene at the stadium.

Soldiers held the torches in their hands.

Passes Goebbels, he sits next to the officer and his mother Horst Wessel in mourning.

The laying of wreaths.

Room Horst Wessel, his bed, above the portrait of Hitler


Arrivals Goering to Rome and his meeting with the Italian Minister of Aviation Balbo.

The plane landed at the airfield.

Goering and his entourage passes the guard of honor.

Goering and Balbo surrounded by journalists


Release of the new Lufthansa aircraft.

The airfield, facing new planes.

Goering made a speech, breaks a bottle of champagne on board the aircraft behalf of Field Marshal Hindenburg.

Hindenburg stands among officials, welcomes the opening of the aircraft.

Sounds anthem

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Reel №2


Work on the digging of the channel in the Mannheim area.

Employment in the construction of units.

Show separate areas of work


Frankfurt am Main, city views, a ceremonial passing of labor groups, crowds of people.

Issuance of instruments.


Hitler opens the beginning of work on the construction of motorways.

He takes the shovel and makes the first ground roll.

Work on road construction


Speech Minister Dr.

Frick on Thuringia exhibition in Berlin.

Hall decorated with Christmas tree.

Display industry exhibits Thuringia.

Pavilion with moving toys: carousels, dolls, fairy-tale characters


Hitler's speech on the foreign policy of Germany at a meeting in the Reichstag

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