Anaconda. (1930 - 1939)

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Reel №1


Staged a film about the expedition yacht "Sita" in the Amazon basin.

Yacht "Sita" is released in the sea.

Fumes pipe from the deck waving their hands.

The boat in the Amazon, the traffic on the river.

The water near the shore are buffalo.

Beach with lush vegetation, a monkey in a tree parrot among the foliage.

The expedition members transplanted to the motorboat traffic on the river flowing through the primeval forest.

As trees are jumping monkeys, monkeys screaming parrots on the branches.

Members of the expedition are in the jungle.

A bird with a huge beak.

A lot of ants crawling on a tree trunk.

Several Indians with a lasso to catch the crocodile, dragged him to shore.

Catching the giant tortoises.

Close-up of a turtle.

Expedition members gather in the sand turtle eggs.

Girl sits with the expedition of the flask, it shows the eggs of turtles, they do not break when they were thrown to the ground.

The girl near a stream, runs through a battleship, water guinea pigs.

Girl sings.

In the tree creeps a giant anaconda, boa, encircles the neck and body of a man, he cries to his rush to the rescue

Key words

France, jungle expedition, animals, birds, insects, river, water transport, women, snakes, forest, sea animals

Reel №2

Indian village in the jungle.

The natives with spears running.

Expedition of exits to the village.

Native types: men, women, children.

A boy with a lasso, a group of children in front of the camera.

From the hut goes chief.

The head of the expedition leader presents banks with canned food, chocolate, umbrella.

The leader takes the offerings, the natives begin to smile.

Performed the ceremony blood bond of friendship.

Spear head incised hand and the leader, the blood flows into the bowl from which they then drink.

The natives dancing women dance in a circle.

Evening campfire celebration continues.

On the night of the expedition members is trying to attack the jaguar, he grabs the man's leg, kicking off the beast with sticks.

She grabs the gun


Indians tribe Matto-Grosso at dusk with torches.

Dance of the Indians by the fire, watching the expedition.

In the morning they continued on their way through the jungle, passing by huge baobab.

Battleship in search of food.

Travelers relax by the fire.

From behind the bushes behind them watching the Indians.

The members of the expedition watched the terrible spectacle, when an Indian falls from the tree into the river infested with crocodiles.

Open mouth of a crocodile.

Indians with bows and arrows to attack the members of the expedition, take part in their captivity

Key words

jungle expedition, animals, natives, festivals, food, entertainment, women, people, children France, jungle expedition, natives, animals, entertainment

Reel №3

Reel №4

The prisoners were kept in the barn and going to sacrifice Anaconda.

From the hut comes with a bowl shaman goes to the captives.

Several Indians carry a tent with the Anaconda.

The shaman begins a ritual dance, all beat their spears on the ground.

From the hut crawling anaconda wraps tied to a pole girl.

At this time, there are the remaining members of the expedition on the loose with a friendly tribe and freed prisoners.

Members of the expedition returned to the boat and go way back

Key words

expedition, tribes, natives and snakes, women, yacht, jungle