The car makes its way №1. (1930 - 1939)

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Director: Uljrih Kajzer /Ulrich Kayser/

Operators: Bruno fon Letsh

Reel №1


Winter landscape in the Tyrolean mountains.

Deer in the winter forest; Village houses covered with snow, the blizzard.

Woman drowns furnace in the house.

On the bed lies a woman in labor.

The midwife is preparing to take delivery, heats the water in the oven.

The local doctor rides in a sleigh through the villages.

The hut is burning lamp.

Grandmother at the bedside of a sick granddaughter.

Comes doctor.

Newborn on bed sheet.

Morning, peasant household.

On the road the sledge with the doctor.

Rural house, a man shakes a child in her arms.

People at the doctor.

Mature couple talking to a doctor, his name is in the house of the patient, but they come late.

The doctor makes the operation the patient directly on the bed


In villages rides specially built car of medical aid to children "Vehicle N 1" working in the mountainous areas.

Creches and children in cribs, a nurse brings a child into the air.

Fighting diseases Rakhid.

Kindergarten teacher with the children, they wash, eat.

goes car

Key words

Austria, mountain, forest, people, animals, women, peasants, children, medical, elderly Austria, farmers, medicine, children, Gos.uchrezhdeniya

Reel №2


The door to the doctor's office, examination of children weighing.

The doctor says to the mothers about disease prevention.

Mother bathes the child in the tub.

Children bathe in the house.

Sports children, they go skiing.

Girls playing in the form of snowballs.

Along the path passes a girl with a sore, rickety foot, the woman looks at her pityingly.

The girl on reception at the doctor.

Inspection of adolescents, the doctor examines the teeth, thyroid.

Goes Medical Car.

Country doctor at home with a sick granddaughter, he calls a doctor from the hospital, asking to come.

Car stuck in the snow, the sister of a doctor trying to dig it.

Arriving at the place, the doctor examines the girl.

A car traveling on the road spring.

In the meadow girl picking flowers, waving his hands.

Woman with children welcome ambulances

Key words

Austria, farmers, medicine, children, flowers, women