Sclerosis of the Conscience.. (1968)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Medvedkin A.

Script writers: Medvedkin A.

Operators: Efimov E.

Anouncers: Khlebnikov A.


This is a film-pamphlet about the moral degradation of the modern capitalistic world.

Temporary description

Newsreel 1900-ies: fashion shows, a man riding on an old bike, climbs in the sky balloon, airplanes in the air. The aircraft set a machine gun, attach the bomb. Newsreel 1-st World War II: Germans troops are sent to the front; Germany submarine, sinking an American ship (1916). The gas attack on the front. Generals from the map. Animation: changing borders. Newsreel: German forces in Belorussia (1941god). Israeli soldiers in Normandy (1967), American aircraft bombed the territory of Viet Nam (1968). Greece. Tank on the streets of Athens, the head of the Greek military junta Pattakos. Rhodesia, city of Salisbury, is head of the government of Rhodesia Ian Smith, the Africans in jail. Anti-war, anti-racist demonstration in London, New York, Hiroshima. Police dispersed the demonstrators. Demonstrators clash with police.

Reel №1

Newsreel 30's.:

The woman's face, crying Vietnamese boy, a man on crutches - CU., MS.

Fire in the city - LS. (With a / t).

Crucifixion - MS.

Hitler and Franco - MS.

Photos: Moshe Dayan, Strauss, generals.

Acts of Mussolini.

Sit German soldiers and officers - MS.

American soldiers in Vietnam, beating prisoners Vietnamese patriots.

Weeping Vietnamese women and children - are different.

Newsreel of the early twentieth century:

Street of the city.

Residents walk down the street - MS.

Demonstration models of women's dresses - MS., CU.

A man kissing a woman - MS.

One and a few men ride their bicycles, foot pedal - MS., CU.

Gramophone - MS. PNRM. on the boat.

PNRM. from the rooftops of the city.

Sleeps everyman (played by artist A. Adoskin).

Earthquake in: crumbling house, residents are saving children (a girl) and things (mattress).

Awakened everyman looks at destruction.

The orchestra - MS., Hitting.

Rollerblading people - MS., CU.

As air rises balloon - MS., CU.

Women in the basket of the balloon - CU.

With balloon throw flowers - PNRM.

The sky with clouds.

Eared wheat field - PNRM.

Grass swaying in the wind.


Man with wings on their backs - MS.

The first airplanes - three-and Diptera - MS.

By airplane people running, waving their caps - MS.

An airplane taking off, flying and falling - MS., LS.

Airplane wreckage.

Europeans cheering crowds in the streets about the first flight in the air - LS. (Night).

Businessmen and the military about the first aviators - CU., MS.

On vintage airplane machine gun set, hung bomb.

Advanced supersonic aircraft in the air - LS.

The explosion of the atomic bomb - LS.

Soldiers in masks - LS.

Planes drop bombs, shoot missiles - CU., MS.

People on the streets of European cities - MS., CU.

Nuns pass on the street - MS.

Men in cafes smoking cigars, drinking wine and talking - CU.

The old woman in the street collecting donations - MS.

Soldiers in the trenches, explosions - MS.

The soldiers are wounded - MS.

A mother feeds her baby - CU.

The muzzle of the gun - CU. PNRM.

Krupp - CU.

Meeting of businessmen, industrialists and the military (photo).

Destroyed city (removed from the aircraft).

The planes dropped bombs on the ships at sea.

Sinking ship (with a / t).

Newsreel 1914:

Loaded on a train going to the front, the Kaiser's army.

Soldier throws a grenade - MS.

Explosions - CU., LS.

Reel №2

Newsreel 1916:

Merchant navy ships at sea - LS.

German submarine sinks the peaceful commercial ship.

Leaving the submarine periscope - MS.

Drowning and other sailing vessels.

Celebrations today about launching nuclear submarine.

On board the submarine break a bottle of champagne - MS.

German generals - MS.

German soldiers allowed gas - mustard.

The soldiers wear masks, gagged.

Are soldiers in gas masks.

German city - LS., MS.

Sleeping man in the street (Adoskin) - CU.

Crucifixion - MS.

Flipping through the Bible - MS., CU.

Icons - CU., MS.

Newsreels and photos:

The generals of the card in the German General Staff - MS., CU.

Animation: German military strikes maps of European countries.

Hitler and his generals at the headquarters - different.

Animation: map dismemberment of the Soviet Union - MS. PNRM.

A bunch of German revenge-seekers - MS., CU.

Hitler stands - MS.

Auschwitz - MS.

Vietnamese children - CU.

Johnson stands.

Newsreel 1941:

Nazi forces in Belarus - LS., MS.


Israeli soldiers in Jordan - MS.

Arab prisoners - MS.

Demonstrations of workers, students and young workers and clashes with police in cities and countries: in Japan, in West Berlin, in Germany, in England, in Paris, in the United States - are different.

Delegates IX World Festival of Youth and Students held in the streets of Sofia and the stadium, dance, hug - MS., CU.

Prague (the plane).

Young people on the streets of Prague - shaking his fist and throwing stones - CU.

A young man with a stone in his bosom - CU.

The street is a philistine - MS., Freeze-frame.

Reel №3

Private trade in the square, are traded everyman - MS., CU.

On Red Square are the first Red - LS.

Babbitt (Adoskin) - White Guard, Hitlerite, philistine with Mao's Quotations - MS., Hitting.

Split-screen - the inhabitant with a dog in the background disperse demonstrators.

Babbitt at the window.

It takes a team of scientists of the West in robes - MS.

PNRM. city.

Speed-boats on the river - LS., MS.

The aircraft "TU-144" in the air - MS.

Helicopter in the air - MS.

Supersonic aircraft in the air folds its wings - MS.

The plane bombing in Vietnam.


Farmers extinguish the fire.

A wounded woman.

Crying woman.

Corpses - MS.

Monkey turned the handle, sits at the table, licking the plate - MS., CU.

Dolphins in the pool, jump out of the water - MS., CU.

They are fed - MS., CU.

Sinking ship in the sea - MS., CU.

Exchange - different.

Police dispersed a student demonstration, arresting students - LS., MS.

Prague - LS.

Youth on the street - MS.

Guy shows his fist - MS.

Prague street (the plane) - LS.; Crowds on the street.

German newspapers - MS. PNRM.

Animation: map of Eastern Europe, representing the intentions of Germany "bring Czechoslovakia and Bulgaria from the Warsaw Pact, Hungary isolate and pick ticks remaining States Eastern bloc from the south-eastern flank» - MS.


German generals at headquarters over the map - CU., MS.

Persons Under-Prague residents - CU.

Soviet tanks in the streets of Prague - MS. (And helicopter).

Newsreel 1945:

Soviet soldiers through the streets of Prague, passing on the tanks - MS.

Monument to those killed during the liberation of Czechoslovakia by the Soviet soldiers (sculpture to hug the Soviet and Czechoslovak soldiers.)

Speaks German Chancellor Kiesinger - MS.

Night to the prison car pulls up, the prison walls - MS.

The founding congress of the neo-Nazis in West Germany (NPD).

The participants welcomed the new Führer Adolf von Thadden.

Thadden on the podium - MS.CU.

Photo: Thadden and other leaders of the PDP.

A. von Thadden speaks to young people.

German youth ironically "Welcomes" Adolf von Thadden.

A police officer on the platform encourages young people to remain calm.

Brawl in the Hall.

Demonstration of youth and West Germans.

Dispersal of a demonstration by the police.

Coat of arms of Germany - CU.

Meeting of the Bundestag.

Playing Kiesinger etc. speakers.

Police patrols and guard dogs on the streets - MS.

Reel №4

Acceleration foot and mounted police demonstrations caused emergency laws adopted by the Bundestag.

Sedentary youth demonstration.

The police are trying to disperse the demonstration, arresting its members.

Fire truck - MS.

Dogs - MS.

Barbed wire - MS.

Pass revanchists - MS., CU.

Congress of the Social-Democrats.

Czechoslovak youth, and the Soviet military on the streets of Prague.

Prague from the plane.

Photo: Chef United States Federal Bureau of Investigation J. Edgar Hoover with his book "Study of Communism» - CU.

Page through the book - the text - CU., Hitting.

Lit kukluksklanovsky cross - MS., CU.

The woman digs into a dustbin - MS.

House is on fire - LS.

The police arrested the boy sneaked - MS.

Book Cover Hoover - CU.

Newsreel 1960.:

The funeral of slain U.S. President John F. Kennedy - LS.

The funeral of the murdered major public figures of Martin Luther King Jr. - MS., LS.

The funeral of the murdered possible presidential candidate - Senator Robert Kennedy - MS.

Living Kennedy and Robert Kennedy - CU., MS.

Lyndon Johnson and John Kennedy - MS.

J. Edgar Hoover - CU.

Widow of slain L. King, John and Robert Kennedy.

General view of the night in New York (photographed left).

Statue of Liberty - MS. (Removed from the map).

Split-screen: the Statue of Liberty with fingerprints.

New York (or Washington?) - From the plane and the train.

White House - MS.

Monuments and crosses (fast PNRM. With travel) - MS.

Corpse - CU.

Cheering Parisians celebrating the victory in the streets - MS.

Panic on the exchange - LS., MS. (With a / t).

Speculators on the stock exchange and on the street - MS., CU.

American military aircraft in the air and on the ground.

Planes drop bombs.

The aircraft lifted off from an aircraft carrier - MS.

Aircraft carrier at sea (the plane).

Explosions and fires off bombs on Vietnamese soil.

Crawling wounded woman - MS. PNRM.

Photos of former U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower and his warning of bankruptcy, if the stop aircraft.

The test tank.

Watch the military.

Athens - LS.

Tank on a city street - MS.

Photo: One of the colonels - CU., MS.

Travel on the street - MS.

Moshe Dayan - CU., Hitting (photo).

Arabs behind barbed wire, guards stand-Jews - MS., CU.


Sandy desert, the wind is blowing sand - MS., LS.

Industrial landscape - are oil tanks - LS. (Helicopter).

Burning gas flares.

Reel №5

Exchange - LS. PNRM. (With a / t).

Caricature - bankers and representatives of the companies of the oil business - MS., CU.

Caricature - Moshe Dayan on the tank.

Arabs behind barbed wire - MS., CU.

The capital of Rhodesia (the plane).

Residents of Rhodesia - blacks on the streets.

Weeping Woman - CU.

Passes Ian Smith, head of racist Rhodesia - MS.

Prison walls - LS.

Local - MS.

Newspaper reporters go to jail, where in the morning will be hanged five Africans who opposed the racist Smith regime.

In prison, the executioner is - MS.

At the gates of the prison crying women and mothers - MS.

London Fog - LS. (With a / t).

English newspapers - MS., CU.

Flag over the prison gates in Rhodesia - MS.

Prison Watch - MS.

Hang lists executed.

Crying woman - CU.

Youth Demonstration in London against the actions of racists in Rhodesia.

Dispersal of a demonstration by the police - MS.

People outside the prison in Rhodesia, where hanged three other Africans.

The street is John Smith, and others white - MS., CU.

Police dogs hunted blacks - MS., CU.

Statue of Liberty in New York - MS. (From left).

Police batons and dogs scatter black - CU., MS.

Carry a wounded (or killed) black.

Negros with posters on the chest - MS.

Demonstrators held a U.S. flag - MS., Departure.

Face - CU.

Runs black - CU.

Kukluksklanovsky burning cross - CU.

Burning houses - MS.

Fire truck rides - MS.

Suppress a fire - MS. PNRM.

Photo: mother and child - MS. impact.

Young children - white and black.

American soldiers in Vietnam are captured peasant - MS.

Festive demonstration in Moscow's Red Square.

Speech by passing over the area athletes.

Photos: Protest black America; guerrillas Jordan, youth of Spain.

African Village - LS. (With us).

Pass and sail boats in the South Vietnamese patriots - MS.

Moscow - LS.

Kremlin - LS.

Industrial landscape - LS. PNRM.

Soviet working people: a miner, a weaver, combine - CU.

Foreign books and magazines - PNRM.

Babbitt (Adoskin) with a transistor - MS.

Vietnamese man with his hands tied - CU.

From the platform supports President Johnson - MS., CU.

Hungry Vietnamese rice yield.

The police dispersed the demonstrators - MS.

Related Vietnamese guerrillas - MS., CU.

Vietnamese girls shoot-patriot - CU.

Cartoons to passages from the book by American historian Roster and French economist Lauscha.

J. Edgar Hoover (photo) - CU.

Burning houses - LS. (Night).

Statue of Liberty in New York - LS. (With us).

European cities (the plane)

Babbitt (Adoskin) listening to a transistor.

Reel №6

Acceleration police sit-in youth - MS., CU.

Acts singer - MS., CU.

Youth cries, expressing his delight - CU.

Female Ketch - MS.

Addicts in Hyde Park in London, sitting and standing smokers - LS., MS.

The girl smokes - CU.

Dances and raves drugged youth - CU., MS.

Pass the band «The Beatles» - MS.

Police officers hold back the crowd of young people - MS.

Vystupatt on stage «The Beatles» - LS., CU.

Listen and admire youth - CU.

Sew and try on wigs - CU.

Babbitt (Adoskin) before the mirror trying on a wig (England).

Along the street are priests - MS., LS.

Priests are the demonstrators - CU.

Empty church.

Crucifixion - CU., MS.


The church plays jazz - LS., MS.

Dancing to jazz in the inn.

The guy playing the guitar - MS. PNRM.

Guy "playing" the piano with his foot - MS., CU.

Pianist is under the piano - MS.

Photo: man closed his hand over his eyes - CU., Hitting.

Photo: Japanese woman praying - CU.

Nuclear bombers in the air patrol - MS.

Bomber that crashed - MS.

Ships at anchor in the village Palamarise (Spain), on which the American aircraft "B-52" in the explosion lost hydrogen bomb.

The search for a 4-bomber lost hydrogen bombs.

Loaded on ships for export to the U.S. container with the deadly ground.

Map of Greenland, where an American bomber lost hydrogen bomb - MS., Hitting.

Photo: village and crashed plane.

Diverge from the bomb cracked ice Atlantic - MS.

Photo: people are sent to search for the lost bomb.

Aircraft in the air - LS.

City and landscape (the plane).


Fish in the network.

Checking fish Geiger counter for radiation - CU.

Catch with elevated radioactivity dumped into a pit - MS.

Doctors around the irradiated Japanese fisherman - MS.

Photo: Japanese mothers and their children - CU., MS., Hitting.

Photo: Monkey with cub - CU.

Bear with a cub - MS., CU.

Bear cub falls into the water - CU.

Kangaroo with a baby in a bag - MS., CU.

Jumping kangaroo - MS.

Skinny, Vietnamese children - MS., Photos.

Children freaks born such use in pregnant women because of sedative hypnotic - thalidomide, issued by the West German chemical - MS., CU.

Surf the waves - MS.

Nuclear explosion at sea - LS.

Hurricane blast bends trees - MS.

Smoke, fire - CU.

Photo: L. Johnson and his grandson - MS.;

Kiesinger with granddaughter - CU., Hitting.

Babbitt (Adoskin) at the TV, the TV screen he is in a police uniform - CU.

Japanese port of Sasebo (the plane).

U.S. nuclear submarine in the port - MS., LS.

Protest against Japanese nationals entering the country's ports U.S. nuclear submarines.

Protesters clash with police.

Dispersal and arrests of demonstrators - MS., CU.